The Best Class You Never Taught: How Spider Web Discussion Can Turn Students into Learning Leaders
By Alexis Wiggins

9th - 10th March 2019, London
The best classes have a life of their own, powered by student-led conversations that explore texts, ideas, and essential questions. In these classes, the teacher's role shifts from star player to observer and coach as the students.
  • Think critically,
  • Work collaboratively,
  • Participate fully,
  • Behave ethically,
  • Ask and answer high-level questions,
  • Support their ideas with evidence, and
  • Evaluate and assess their own work.
Spider Web Discussion is a simple technique that puts this kind of class within every teacher's reach. The method is proven to work across all subject areas and grades, and you only need a little know-how, a rubric, and paper and pencil to get started.
In this workshop, Alexis Wiggins will provide a step-by-step guide for the implementation of Spider Web Discussion, covering everything from the research behind the technique to creating rubrics for discussion self-assessment to the nuts and bolts of charting the conversations and using the data collected for formative assessment.

We will discuss:
  • Troubleshooting tips,
  • Ideas for assessment,
  • Group grading and
  • The experiences of real teachers and students who have used the method.
We will try the method ourselves and self-assess that work together as part of the Spider Web Discussion process.

This workshop aims to pass the "Monday-Morning Test" - you will have all the resources and information you need to begin implementing SWD on your next Monday morning at school.
Potential Audience
This workshop is appropriate for K-16 teachers of all subject areas, instructional coaches, and administrators.
Trainer’s Profile:
Alexis Wiggins is the founder and director of CEEL – the Cohort of Educators for Essential Learning ( She has worked as a high-school teacher and instructional coach in the U.S., Spain, the Middle East and Asia and has consulted with schools all over the world, helping them utilize Spider Web Discussion, Understanding by Design (UbD), and the IB's Approaches to teaching and learning (ATL). Alexis's book, The Best Class You Never Taught: How Spider Web Discussion Can Turn Students into Learning Leaders (ASCD), explores how to transform classrooms and schools through high-level, student-led inquiry. Alexis is currently the English Department Chair at The John Cooper School in The Woodlands, TX. She organizes the annual CEEL Summer Symposium, which offers training in Spider Web Discussion and brings together the education world's most interesting people for five days of innovation, conversation, and collaboration.
  Includes book The Best Class You Never Taught: How Spider Web Discussion Can Turn Students into Learning Leaders.
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  USD - 790/- Closing Date 1st February, 2019
  8.30 am to 3.30 pm
Registration at 8.00 am on the 9th March, 2019.
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