Mr. Trevor MacKenzie is a practicing high school English teacher, inquiry learning coach and consultant who works with schools and organizations in their adoption of inquiry.

Trevor is the author of two books, Dive into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice c. 2016 EdTechTeam Press as well as Inquiry Mindset: Nurturing the Dreams, Wonders and Curiosities of Our Younger Learners c. 2018 EdTechTeam Press.

Trevor is an internationally recognized presenter in the area of inquiry-based learning with a focus on the middle and high school years.

Trevor currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with his family. He and Sarah have two children, Ewan and Gregor, and a much-loved dog, Poppy.

International School of Luxembourg
36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong,
L-1430 Luxembourg

8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Registration at 7.30 am
on the 23rd November 2019.

A day of learning introduces teachers to building a culture of inquiry with a focus on the middle and high school setting. Through a scaffold approach to inquiry, deepening an understanding of essential questions and big ideas, sparking curiosity and wonder in learning, and unpacking examples from the classroom, participants will leave the day with a variety of tools, ideas, and actionable resources to return to their classrooms and leverage their inquiry mindset right away.

Learning objectives can include:

  • Fostering relationships that enable students to embrace their new role in the inquiry classroom
  • Student reflection, self-assessment, and core competencies
  • Personalized learning and striking a balance between teacher-led inquiry and student agency over learning
  • The role of provocations to ignite wonder
  • The impact of professional collaboration with a focus on the role of the teacher librarian in inquiry
  • Creating student directed demonstrations of understanding with a focus on embracing formative assessment and the process of learning
  • Nurturing authentic learning connections to our community at the local and global level



USD 750 Early Bird Offer 1st July 2019
USD 790 Closing Date 1st November, 2019

INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development hours, Lunch and 2 coffee breaks.

All Participants will be attending the Keynote with Guy Claxton and the Panel Session on Day 2. Participants will choose one Thread per day, total of two Threads. The choice of Threads is on a first come first serve bases.