co-author - Understanding by Design® (ASCD), Scoring Rubrics in the Classroom (Corwin Press), Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Projects (ASCD), Assessing Student Learning by Design (Teachers College Press)
Classroom and school-level assessment practices can be used in ways that can enhance student learning and performance, not just evaluate it. Join international education expert, Jay McTighe, for a workshop series as he explores important assessment-related questions: Are we assessing everything we value in learning, or mostly those outcomes that are easiest to test and grade? How might we determine if students truly understand important ideas and can apply their knowledge in meaningful ways? How can we reliably evaluate student performance on open-ended tasks and projects? In what ways can assessment enhance learning as well as measure it? To what extent is our current grading and reporting system effective, and how might it be more so? How should we teach to improve student performance on the outcomes that matter most?

More specifically, participants in this workshop series will learn:
  • an Assessment Planning Framework to make important decisions about classroom and school-level assessments.
  • how to apply a variety of practical and proven tools to develop authentic performance tasks to engage students in meaningful learning assessing important learning; outcomes (e.g., 21st century skills).
  • ways of personalizing and responsibly differentiating tasks and projects by including appropriate provisions for “voice and choice” by students.
  • about Curriculum Mapping 3.0 – an innovative approach to a performance-based curriculum.
  • how to integrate diagnostic and formative assessments into effective instructional practices.
  • the 3Ps of a more communicative grading and reporting system.
  • how to access a compilation of excellent web-based resources to support this work.
Jay McTighe
Jay McTighe is a veteran educator, having served as a teacher, resource specialist, program coordinator, director of a state program for gifted students, and administrator for innovative programs at the Maryland Department of Education. He is an accomplished author, having co-authored 18 books, including the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design® series with Grant Wiggins. His books have been translated into fourteen languages. Jay has also written more than 50 book chapters, articles and blogs, and is a regular speaker at state, national and international conferences. He has made presentations in 47 states within the United States, in 7 Canadian provinces, and internationally in 38 countries on six continents

2nd & 9th March 2023

Each session is for 2 Hours.
New York 6:30 am | London 11:30 am | Zurich 12:30 pm | Dubai 3:30 pm | India 5:00 pm | Hong Kong 7:30 pm
Melbourne 10:30 pm

Please click here to check your time for the workshop
USD 300 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 5 Professional Development Hours
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