Is your team looking for a fresh collection of resources to help you reset your approach to collaboration this year?
Part 1 - 30 minutes
  • Rethinking protocols and problematize outdated power dynamics
  • Grounding the learning with self: how to curate and share our past experiences with teams
Part 2 - 30 minutes
  • Co-construct a definition for collaboration that amplifies local and global leadership mentors
Part 3 - 60 minutes
  • Rethinking strategies to listen deeply to the broader learning organization
  • The necessity of seeing conflict as part of our growth
  • Contextualizing the toolkit
  • Rehearse communication strategies that will be at the foundation of this work
  • Co-construct protocols that speak to the specific challenges within your community
  • Understand ways to better appreciate the challenges facing your teams in today’s context
This workshop is for educators who are looking to rekindle the drive for collaboration within their community. This session is perfect for school leaders as well as anyone who facilitates teams of any size.
Kathleen Naglee
Kathleen Naglee is an award-winning educational leader advising national systems, individual schools, international projects, ed-tech start-ups and early career leaders. She specializes in visionary projects on the future of learning. Recent workshops have centered on the neuroscience of learning space both virtual and physical. She currently leads one of the most progressive schools in the world of education, the International School of Helsinki. Her work began there with facilitating a future-focused new Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan to identify the community’s values into action.
Tricia Friedman has worked as an educator in The United States, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Morocco, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Tricia is the founder of and the Be a Better Ally Podcast where she hosts conversations about the state of LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools.

Currently, she is the Creative Content Director with Shifting Schools.

Tricia lives in Ottawa with her wife, and their dog who reminds her that every day deserves a really good walk.

4th May 2023

This session is for 2 Hours
New York 6:00 am | London 11:00 am | Zurich 12:00 pm | Dubai 2:00 pm | India 3:30 pm | Hong Kong 6:00 pm
Melbourne 8:00 pm

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USD 175 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 3 Professional Development hours.