Teaching with mentor (or model) texts is a critical part of teaching students to write well. To help students learn how to craft their writing in effective and beautiful ways, we show and discuss mentor texts in mini-lessons, small group lessons, and individual writing conferences.

In this series of virtual workshops, Carl Anderson will explain how to use mentor texts to teach students the craft of narrative and informational nonfiction writing. Participants will learn a practical, five-step process for integrating mentor texts into their teaching:
  • How to select good mentor texts, and where to find them;
  • Strategies for “immersing” (or familiarizing) students with mentor texts at the beginning of a unit of study;
  • A step-by-step process for analyzing mentor texts to find multiple teaching points;
  • How to match mentor texts to student needs as writers;
  • How to teach with mentor texts in mini-lessons, small group lessons, and writing conferences.
  • How to teach with mentor texts online
As part of the series, participants will study a variety of excellent narrative and informational nonfiction mentor texts, and will also watch videos that bring to life how to use mentor texts to teach students how to use craft techniques.
Potential Audience
Educators Teaching Grades 2 to 8
Carl Anderson is an internationally recognized expert in writing instruction for Grades K-8, working as a consultant in schools and districts around the world. A long-time Staff Developer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Carl is the author of numerous books on teaching writing, including the bestselling How’s It Going? A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers, Assessing Writers and A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences. Follow Carl on Twitter at @ConferringCarl

Each Session is for 2 Hours.
9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th January 2021
London 8:30 am | Zurich 9:30 am | Dubai 12:30 pm | India 2:00 pm | Hong Kong 4:30 pm | Melbourne 7:30 pm
USD 400 Per Participant
USD 350 Per Participant for a Group of 5
USD 300 Per Participant for a Group of 12 and above
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development Hours.
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