The principles and ‘how to’s’ of differentiation are good for all students, but this session focuses on its specific benefits for multilingual learners in content classrooms.
SESSION I: Learn what differentiation is and is not and how it differs from other instructional approaches often put forth as differentiation
SESSION II: Practice working with strategies which differentiate content as well as how to facilitate multilingual learners’ acquisition of disciplinary vocabulary for understanding what they read
SESSION III: Practice working with strategies which differentiate process in ways which facilitate multilingual learners’ oral interaction skills with peers
SESSION IV: Practice working with strategies which differentiate product as well as how to facilitate multilingual learners’ acquisition of genre-based academic language for producing written and spoken tasks
There are four synchronous sessions of 2 hours each (total online learning is 8 hours).
Participants connect through ZOOM and need a laptop, headphones / earbuds during the synchronous sessions. All participants are provided a link to the course. Resource materials are made available to participants and responses to weekly questions provided.
Pre K-12 Content teachers, EAL specialists, Instructional Coaches, school leaders, and any other education professionals interested in asset-based instruction for multilingual learners.
Dr. Rojas conducted professional development sessions, job-embedded coaching, and language-in-education program audits in over 350 international schools before ‘semi-retiring’ to live in Mexico in December 2020 where she teaches neighborhood children and adults to read in Spanish and English.

Dr. Rojas currently teaches the EAL certification program in partnership with the Teacher’s Training Center (https://www.theptc.org/eal-training-center). She was also a faculty member for the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

Before working internationally, Dr. Rojas was a bilingual teacher in New Jersey and New York, the Director of the Office of Bilingual Education for the New Jersey State Department of Higher Education, and one of the founders of the EAL international certification program for The College of New Jersey. She was inducted into the AAIE (Association for Advancement of International Education) Hall of Fame in February 2016.

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th September 2023

Each Session is for 2 Hours
Mexico 5:00 am | New York 7:00 am | London 12:00 pm | Zurich 1:00 pm | Dubai 3:00 pm | India 4:30 pm
Hong Kong 7:00 pm | Melbourne 9:00 pm

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Note: This workshop will be not recorded
USD 400 Per Participant
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