Over the last decade there has been an explosion of interest in how teachers can best build a culture of thinking in their classrooms, nurture students as powerful thinkers and learners, and foster student engagement. Within the busy pace and high demands of schools, it seems even more important that these goals do not get lost. Making Thinking Visible, co-authored by Mark Church, Dr. Ron Ritchhart, and Karin Morrison, did much to popularize the use of thinking routines in schools, museums, and university settings around the world. However, this has not been without challenges. Some teachers merely use thinking routines as one-off activities or in a superficial way.

In their book, The Power of Making Thinking Visible, Mark Church and Ron Ritchhart share their research into just what difference using making thinking visible practices makes for students and teachers and how teachers can plan to use these practices to maximum effect. When used powerfully, thinking routines not only provide teachers with a set of practices to engage students, but help advance a broader goal to create classrooms where students’ thinking is visible, valued, and actively promoted. This course will explore these ideas while engaging teachers in many of the recently developed routines and practices presented in the book.
This is a two day in-person workshop with Mark Church. Time for reading and reflection between the days will also be a part of this experience.
Participant are required to purchase a copy of The Power of Making Thinking Visible (Jossey-Bass, 2020) as a text for the course. The book is available via e-book or paperback through Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon SG, ACEL, Fishpond, or Wiley.
The ideas we’ll focus on are universal and relevant to teachers of all grade levels. Every participant will be encouraged to consider possibilities with the course ideas in their own teaching and learning contexts. For those who have prior experience with Making Thinking Visible, this course will both refresh the learning as well as provide further opportunities to think about powerful practices that deepen student learning. For those new to the ideas of Making Thinking Visible, this course is a good place to get started.
During the two days, we will:
  • Explore the Power of Making Thinking Visible Practices to Promote Deep Learning
  • Consider the Power to Enhance our Formative Assessment Practice by Making Thinking Visible
  • Frame Making Thinking Visible as Goal, as well as a Set of Practices
  • Learn to Use Thinking Routines for Maximum Effect

Key questions we will examine throughout our time together:
  • What are the six powers of making thinking visible?
  • What do we mean by deep learning?
  • What does deep learning look like and entail?
  • What is understanding and what kinds of thinking moves help develop understanding? Exploring the Understanding Map
  • How can we develop our formative assessment practice with students’ thinking as a lens?
  • What can we learn from looking at student work to inform possible next instructional moves?
  • What has been learned about different ways teachers make thinking visible in powerful ways?
  • How do various MTV practices relate to and connect to each other?
  • What do these practices look like in action?
  • How can we plan with and learn from colleagues to help us use thinking routines to maximum effect?
Mark Church
Mark Church works with schools throughout the world interested in developing and deepening cultures of thinking in their classrooms. He is quite interested in where educators find a lot of power and agency for their teaching when making their students’ thinking visible, giving it great value, and using student thinking to create ongoing learning opportunities.

Mark has been a longtime collaborator and consultant with Harvard Project Zero’s Making Thinking Visible and Cultures of Thinking initiatives worldwide, drawing upon his own classroom teaching experience and from the perspectives he has gained working with educators near and far. Together with Ron Ritchhart, Mark co-authored Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners (Jossey-Bass, 2011) and the more recent book, The Power of Making Thinking Visible (Jossey-Bass, 2020).

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8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Registration at 8:00 am
on the 19th of October 2024
USD 790 Closing Date 1st October 2024
Early Bird Offer USD 690 Till 1st July 2024
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development Hours, Lunch and Coffee Breaks.
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