This one-day session on Teacher Voice includes has been designed to guide participants through an exploration of teacher voice and how it can be leveraged to amplify success in schools. Four hours of learning will be delivered via Zoom (with a 30-minute break at the 2 hour mark) and provide participants with opportunities to learn from experts, engage with colleagues, and apply learning to their individual school context.

Participants will be provided with a wide variety of resources including teacher lesson plans, aligned instructional strategies, professional readings, self-assessments, and implementation tools. Participants are strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success by Quaglia & Lande as this text will be utilized throughout the Learning Series.
First 2 - Hour Block:
Understanding the Dynamics of Teacher Voice & Aspirations
What is teacher voice and why does it matter? Understanding the complexity and definition of voice is essential in the development of teacher leaders. Participants will be provided with a general introduction to the concept of teacher voice and aspirations, based on more than 30 years of research and work conducted by the Quaglia Institute for School Voice & Aspirations (QISVA). Participants will discuss the importance of voice and aspirations in the context of the teaching profession and explore strategies to enhance teacher voice in schools and support teacher well-being. The ultimate goal is to amplify and leverage teacher voice to positively affect the teaching and learning environment and support all members of the school community in reaching their aspirations.
30 Minute Break
Second 2 - Hour Block
The Voice Process: Listen, Learn, & Lead
The Voice Process will be introduced as a model for fully embracing teacher voice as a way of being in schools. Participants will continue their journeys to deeply understand and implement a common definition of voice and use their voices as teacher leaders to positively impact their own lives as professionals, as well as the students and families they serve. The Voice Process and accompanying strategies will challenge participants to effectively listen to, learn from, and lead with others for the benefit of the school community.
Dr. Lande has dedicated her professional endeavors to advocating for teachers and students around the globe. It is her aspiration that every classroom in every school is one that she would want her own three children to learn in. Dr. Lande is a former high school teacher, college professor, and director of several large-scale school reform projects. She currently serves as a Senior Field Director for the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations. Dr. Lande is a co-author of Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success, Engagement by Design: Creating Learning Environments Where Students Thrive and The Power of Voice in Schools: Listening, Learning, & Leading Together.

21st May 2022

Each Session is for 2 Hours
Session 1 - 2 hours
EST 1:00 am | London 6:00 am | Zurich 07:00 am | Dubai 9:00 am | India 10:30 am | Hong Kong 1:00 pm

Half an hour break

Session 2 - 2 hours
EST 3:30 am | London 8:30 am | Zurich 9:30 am | Dubai 11:30 am | India 1:00 pm | Hong Kong 3:30 pm

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USD 275
INCLUDES: Certificate of participation for 2 Professional Development hours.
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