This 4 part workshop series focuses on developing a sustainable pathway towards anti-racist, anti-bias, equity, inclusion, Cultural Intelligences (cultural competence, cultural relevance, cultural responsiveness), and Social-Emotional Learning environments.
Identifying Systems, Habits of Mind, and Cultural Norms
Utilizing a Problem-based learning and design thinking approach to developing a process for understanding problems as well as identifying pathways towards sustainable solutions
Bias: Why what we think matters just as much as what we do
In this workshop, we will be Identifying and understanding how bias works. Through highly interactive exercises participants will develop an understanding of implicit bias aligned with the 12 cognitive biases and engage in activities in order to work towards an increased awareness of and understanding of our own biases
Identity: How I view myself and how that affects my understanding of others
In this part of the workshop series, participants will work on developing an understanding of social hierarchies. Participants will also engage in activities to support the development and an understanding of the complexity of their own identities. Participants will then begin the process of analyzing their own identities within the context of social norms and social hierarchies. This is a critical step towards developing a cultural intelligence.
Cultural Intelligences: Developing an awareness of and understanding of cultural differences
In the final part of the workshop series, participants will learn what it means to be a culturally competent educator and thrive in culturally diverse learning environments. We will also examine strategies on how to ensure culturally relevant learning environments.
Ken Shelton
Ken (He/Him/His) currently holds an M.A. in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology as well as New Media Design and Production. He has worked as an Educator for over 20 years and spent most of his classroom experience teaching technology at the Middle School level. As a part of his active involvement within the Educational Technology community, Ken is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a Google Certified Innovator. Ken has worked extensively at the policy level with a number of State Departments of Education, Ministries of Education, non-Profits, and was appointed to the Education Technology Task Force formed by a previous California State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ken regularly gives keynotes, presentations, consults, and leads workshops, covering a wide variety of Educational Technology, Equity and Inclusion, Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist, Multimedia Literacy, Cultural Intelligences, Visual Storytelling, and Instructional Design topics. Ken is the ISTE Digital Equity PLN 2018 Excellence Award winner. Due to his extensive and broad impact, Ken has also been named by EdTech Magazine as an influencer to follow.

17th, 24th April, 1st, 8th May 2021
Each session is for 2 hours.
Zurich 7:00 am | Dubai 9:00 am | India 10:30 am | Hong Kong 1:00 pm | Melbourne 3:00 pm
USD 400 Per Participant
USD 300 Per Participant for a Group of 4
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 8 Professional Development hours.
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