For more than 25 years, Jim Knight and his colleagues have been developing, refining, and studying instructional coaching. In his new book, The Definitive Guide to Instructional Coaching, Jim has summarized that research in seven success factors that need be a part of any successful coaching program. In this workshop, Jim will discuss each factor, explain why it essential for success, and explain how it can be implemented. Anyone who is interested in coaching or coaching programs should find this session very useful. Participants will also receive many free tools and forms they can use to ensure that coaching flourishes in their organization.
Content Overview:
The workshop addresses the following questions:
  • Do our coaches understand the complexities of adult learning?
  • Are we using the Impact Cycle?
  • What is an instructional playbook and how do we create one?
  • What data do coaches need to gather and how can they use video to do so?
  • What are the essential Better Conversations Beliefs and Habits that instructional coaches can internalize and practice?
  • Do our coaches demonstrate effective leadership qualities?
Participants will:
  • Learn research-based coaching skills that can be used in professional practice immediately
  • Discuss each strategy, principle, tool, or idea with other coaches to gain multiple perspectives on the learning that is shared
  • Create an implementation plan to take back to schools and districts
  • What must a system do in order to support coaches?
Jim Knight
Jim Knight, Senior Partner of ICG, is a research associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. He has spent more than two decades studying professional learning and instructional coaching. He has written several books on instructional coaching including Instructional Coaching:A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction (2007), Unmistakable Impact:A Partnership Approach for Dramatically Improving Instruction (2011), High-Impact Instruction (2013), Focus on Teaching (2014), Better Conversations (2015), and The Impact Cycle (2018). Knight has also authored articles on instructional coaching and professional learning in publications such as Educational Leadership, The Journal of Staff Development, Principal Leadership, The School Administrator, and Kappan. Jim earned his PhD in Education from the University of Kansas and has won several university teaching, innovation, and service awards. Knight also writes the Radical Learners blog.

14th, 15th, 28th & 29th November 2024

Each session is for 2 hours

New York 7:00 am | London 12:00 pm | Zurich 1:00 pm | Dubai 4:00 pm | India 5:30 pm | Hong Kong 8:00 pm
Melbourne 11:00 pm

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USD 500 per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development hours.