Based on research for student motivation as well as leveraging emerging technologies, this course is designed for secondary educators who enjoy exploring new strategies to empower students to take responsibility for managing more of their own learning.  A key focal point is to prepare students to ask deeper and deeper questions to develop lines of inquiry.  Alan’s New York Times bestselling book, “Who Owns the Learning” is included in the registration within a powerful web-based collaborative reading application called Perusall, developed by acclaimed Harvard Professor, Eric Mazur. Join us as we engage in designing highly creative and challenging assignments for our students.
Units include:
  • Empowering students with high level research skills including computational thinking
  • Building a collaborative classroom
  • Making Thinking Visible
  • Creating highly motivating assignments
  • Teaching students to ask more creative questions as a daily habit of high powered learning

At the end of the course, educators will have practiced various design strategies to produce highly motivating assignments within their curriculum. Further, educators will be equipped with strategies to learn how their students learn – making thinking visible. Lessons learned can be applied to online and face-to-face classrooms.
Potential Audience:
Grade 6-12 Educators.
Alan November is an international leader in education technology. He began his career as an oceanography teacher and dorm counsellor at an island reform school for boys in Boston Harbor. While Alan was a computer science teacher in Lexington, Mass, one of his students published an online project in 1984, a database for the handicapped. He has been director of an alternative high school, computer coordinator, technology consultant, and university lecturer. Alan’s areas of expertise include planning across curriculum, staff development, new school design, community building, and leadership development. He has delivered keynotes and workshops in all fifty states, and 40 countries. Audiences enjoy Alan's humor and wit as he pushes the boundaries of how to improve teaching and learning.

Alan’s writing includes numerous articles and three best-selling books. His most recent book, "Who Owns the Learning?" was listed in 2020 as one of the most important 100 books in education. Alan was co-founder of the Stanford Institute for Educational Leadership Through Technology and is most proud of being selected as one of the original five national Christa McAuliffe Educators. Alan has been exploring the value of online learning for more than two decades.

Each Session is for 90 Minutes
Each OPTION is for 4 online sessions

Each session is recorded for the participants review.

Option 1
9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th January 2021
Dubai 5:00 am | India 6:30 am | Hong Kong 9:00 am | Melbourne 12:00 pm
Corresponds with On the 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th January 2021
PST 5:00 pm | New York 8:00 pm

Option 2
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd February 2021
PST 8:00 am | EST 11:00 am | London 4:00 pm | Zurich 5:00 pm | Dubai 8:00 pm | India 9:30 pm
Course Costs
USD 400 Per Participant
USD 350 Per Participant for a Group of 6 or more
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development Hours.
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