Generative AI tools like ChatGPT have quickly asked us to reimagine assessment practice, policies, and what our priorities are for digital literacy. As we continue to consider how these tools will continue to influence learning we must center equity and inclusion in our conversations. This three part series will help you and your school community co-navigate generative AI with the critical mindset that places an emphasis on equity and inclusion. Explore a framework to help you lead in the next era of education.
Introduces our framework, and engages us with key questions our community, and provides practice scenarios to explore together.
Explore strategies for weaving information literacy, media literacy, and AI literacy together in practical and necessary ways.
Bringing our framework to parents and caregivers: how do we ensure families are provided access to the necessary resources, information and guidance to support their children with generative AI?
Potential Audience
All educators with a passion for equity and an interest in the ways generative AI tools are shifting practice in educational environments.
Tricia Friedman has worked as an educator in The United States, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Morocco, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Tricia is the founder of Allyed.org and the Be a Better Ally Podcast where she hosts conversations about the state of LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools.

Currently, she is the Creative Content Director with Shifting Schools.

Tricia lives in Ottawa with her wife, and their dog who reminds her that every day deserves a really good walk.

2nd, 9th, 16th November 2023

Each session is for 90 minutes.
2nd November 2023
New York 5:00 am | London 9:00 am | Zurich 10:00 am | Dubai 1:00 pm | India 2:30 pm | Hong Kong 5:00 pm
Melbourne 8:00 pm

9th and 16th November 2023
New York 4:00 am | London 9:00 am | Zurich 10:00 am | Dubai 1:00 pm | India 2:30 pm | Hong Kong 5:00 pm
Melbourne 8:00 pm

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USD 350 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 5 Professional Development Hours.
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