In-Person Workshop
This unique weekend experience, co-facilitated by Steve and Ivy of Inspire Citizens and Grade 7-12 Frankfurt International School (FIS) Student Changemakers, invites educators to explore, experience, learn from, and participate in our 2022-23 Changemakers Conference learning and design journey.

This November weekend will focus on the evolving learning, resource implementation, and co-creation of the forthcoming FIS Changemakers Conference 2023. The weekend will also shed light upon the behind the scenes work in developing an FIS center of innovation in engaged student leadership, changemaking, global citizenship, and sustainable development.
The core objectives of the November weekend are to:
  1. Provide visiting educators with hands-on learning that unearths the tools, resources, roadmaps, and thinking that can be implemented into the design and enhancement of diverse student leadership and changemaker programs.
  2. Unpack and engage with key resources that center on compassion, connection, understanding, sustainability, and action. In doing so, visiting educators will leave with a deeper understanding of a toolkit for helping guide young leaders and changemakers from ego-centric leadership to eco-centric leadership.
  3. Invite visiting educators to follow alongside students and Inspire Citizens, both at the weekend workshop and then eavesdropping and reflecting on the five-month process in preparing for the international event. As always, these learning experiences will be explored and then applied thoughtfully to personalized, local contexts.
  4. Celebrate the culmination of this learning journey with visiting educators attending the FIS Changemakers Conference in March 2023 with their own cohort of student changemakers and leaders.
This workshop is a must for anyone that is:
An educator that seeks ways to bring greater compassion, systems thinking, civic readiness, and sustainability into schools, classrooms, student-centered projects or leadership programs.

A curriculum, sustainability, CAS, or service learning coordinator that is trying to help their school’s vision and mission for student agency and global citizenship come to life through highly engaging, student-centered leadership, changemaking, and project-based experiences.

A school counselor who is working to spark mentoring experiences that center on mindfulness, compassion, connection, understanding, and action in a complex inner and outer landscape.

A future-focused administrator who is exploring proof-of-concept in building a culture of engaged global citizenship as a foundational element of learning and being.

Any educator is interested in becoming part of this community, learning alongside and contributing to this meaningful work in designing hubs and networks of engaged student leadership, change-making, global citizenship, and sustainable development.
Steve Sostak
Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school in the US, Peru, Malaysia, and China, Steve now specializes in embedding empathy, sustainable development, civic literacies, media, and engaged global citizenship into whole schools, libraries, classrooms, and student- centered learning experiences.

As director of Inspire Citizens, he has years of international experience with diverse communities, environments and curricula where he co-creates strategic initiatives, projects and learning design. All of Steve's work challenges his learning cohorts to explore and integrate compassion, future trends, wellbeing, civics and interdisciplinary skills for shaping a better education system and world.
Ivy Yan
Ivy is a sought-after educational designer and facilitator based in Shanghai and Beijing. Advocating for happiness and wellbeing of human and nature as a whole, she works with schools and businesses on strategic consulting, leadership retreats, competency building, student-facing experiential programs and educator coaching.

She believes in holistic and progressive education through the heart, hands and head that is rooted in self-care, care for others and care for nature. A natural cross-pollinator who draws inspirations from her diverse trainings and experiences, she integrates deep ecology, traditional wisdom with design and innovation, futures thinking, and media studies in her work.
Frankfurt International School
Rudolf-Dietz-Str. 14
65207 Wiesbaden, Germany

8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Registration at 8:00 am
on the 5th November 2022
USD 790 Per Participant Closing date 15th October 2022
Early Bird Offer USD 750 Per Participant till 1st September 2022
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development hours, lunch and coffee breaks.
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