Developed by Inspire Citizens co-founders, Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz, the Empathy to Impact teaching approach and project-cycle addresses the need for transformative learning for active global citizenship, sustainable development and equity. While these learning outcomes are articulated in many school mission statements, great challenges exist in embedding them into curriculum meaningfully and finding evidence of demonstrable learning. With Empathy to Impact, teaching and learning can be student-centered and community-driven whileamplifying existing standards, technology integration, civic literacies andtransformative learning in facing a complex world.

In this Chapters International experience, participants will explore the Why-What-How of Empathy to Impact (Care, Aware, Able, Impact) in order to reimagine units and projects through lenses of global contexts, social-emotional challenges, critical modern literacies, transformative cognitive skills, civic dispositions, and enhanced action. The goal is to walk away with a personalized, transdisciplinary toolkit to design student-centered learning experiences for a healthier, more equitable and sustainable world.

Empathy to Impact is a foundational pedagogical element of the Inspire Citizens Global Impact School model.
11 September - Drivers of Change & the Future of Education
Imagine & create a Portrait of a 2030 Graduate, identify transformative learning goals as the heart of your teaching, & contextualize the Why-What-How of Empathy to Impact
18 September - Teaching for Sustainable Development, Equity & Global Citizenship
Explore & apply metacognitive language of Harmony with Nature, Circular Economics, Social Justice, Holistic Wellness & Humane Technology into learning experiences
25 September - Frameworks, Routines, Tools & Strategies for 2021-2030 Civic Literacy
Engage with a teaching & deeper learning toolkit for media, data, interviewing, needs analysis, observations, systems, imagination, leadership, ecology, ethics, and complexity
2 October - Impact Change
Identify & embed informed action, community assets, local & global partnerships,& inspire citizens media & leadership opportunities into designing Empathy to Impact learning experiences in your context
Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school on three continents, Steve Sostak founded Inspire Citizens, an independent educational organization working with diverse partners to reimagine schools as thriving community centers of transformative learning.

Steve wears many hats in his work with Inspire Citizens. He guides administrative teams on future-focused strategic planning around transformative learning goals; co-designs Empathy to Impact project-based units with both teachers and students; implements elements of the Global Impact School Self-Study to monitor student learning and agile systems needs; facilitates experiences connected to the Future Now student leadership toolkit; supports Futures Media member communities; and continues to offer professional workshops while leading the Inspire Citizens Master Teacher Endorsement, a 25-week deep-dive into the art of education for global citizenship and sustainable development.

In the end, his goal remains centered on teacher creativity and enhanced student learning. He aims to enable youth to develop more compassionate empathy; think critically about information and global issues; solve problems creatively through the application of interdisciplinary skills and civic literacies; embrace the challenges of uncertainties and complexities; make ethical decisions; and take informed action.
Scott Jamieson
Scott Jamieson has spent 17 years as a teacher and administrator in international schools primarily in the Middle East and China. He holds Masters degrees in Education, Educational Leadership, and Special Education. He is a math nerd who is passionate about sustainable development, social justice and impact-driven education. This led him to join Inspire Citizens in December 2020. Inspire Citizens is an independent educational organization working with diverse partners to reimagine schools as thriving community centers of transformative learning.

With Inspire Citizens, Scott works with schools, teachers and students to view learning through the lens of Empathy to Impact and allow students to leverage transformative learning to have an impact in their local and global communities.

Another area of focus is Inspire Citizens Futures Media where he works with student journalists, storytellers and artists to published credible work and information, capture underrepresented stories and voices, amplify imagination and take systemic action for sustainable development and equity through themes of harmony with nature, circular economics, social justice, holistic wellness and humane technology.

11th, 18th, 25th September & 2nd October 2021

Each Session is for 2 hours
London 8:00 am | Zurich 9:00 am | Dubai 11:00 am | India 12:30 pm | Hong Kong 3:00 pm | Melbourne 6:00 pm
USD 400 Per Participant
USD 350 Per Participant for a Group of 5
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development Hours
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