Developed by Inspire Citizens co-founders, Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz, the Empathy to Impact teaching approach and project-cycle addresses the global need for applied learning for active global citizenship, service as action, compassionate empathy, and sustainable development. While these civic-oriented outcomes are included in many school mission statements, great challenges exist in embedding them into curriculum and community engagement that can amplify pre-existing standards, criteria, and deep learning experiences.
Module 1 - CARE
Explore the why and how of education for global citizenship in a complex present and future, while considering how we as educators can impact change alongside learners and communities. Module One will center on unpacking metacognitive language and spark the implementation of education for sustainable development, social justice, collective well-being, and ethical decision-making. We will interactively and collectively set the stage for critical student inquiry, deep thinking, project- based applied learning, and informed action found in the Empathy to Impact project-cycle and unit framework.
Uncover skills, tools and resources to integrate conceptual and critical thinking for greater awareness through themes of perspective taking, curiosity, diversity, community engagement, and credibility. Immediate outcomes of Module Two will be the ability to facilitate critical thinking and compassionate empathy via a skill set, toolkit, and thinking routines that enhance learning in modern literacies for interpreting and producing: Data, media, graphs, charts, interviews, ethnographic observations, literature, and a richer understanding of the self, others, and the planet.
Module Three will support educators in amplifying relevant, applied learning through the identification of critical knowledge, skills, processes, and strategies for the transfer of interdisciplinary objectives, language development, 21st-century skills, digital and technology integration, social-emotional learning and/or civic leadership.

Participants will walk away from this session with identified learning objectives seamlessly connected to the conceptual understandings and competencies of global citizenship and informed community action.
Investigate a variety of interdependent pathways for informed, sustainable, civic and ethical action in personal, local, and global communities. Module Four will guide educators in envisioning potential student impact projects, products, or solutions and weigh the ethical and sustainable consequences of these actions. A final goal is to experiment with the potential of action outcomes such as participation, advocacy, creating art, publication, event hosting, leading workshops, teaching, designing change, producing media, and social entrepreneurship in the context of your classroom, school, location and culture.
Inspire Citizens Team
Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school in the US, Peru, Malaysia, and China, Steve now specializes in working with schools, teachers, and students to contextualize and integrate elements of the transformative Inspire Citizens' Global Impact School model and Empathy to Impact methodology into learning experiences. He guides educators towards seamlessly embedding compassionate empathy, deep thinking, and global and intercultural competencies into relevant, action-driven learning outcomes linked to disciplinary, technology, social-emotional-ethical and literacy objectives.

Steve facilitates best-practices in professional learning centered on holistic, personalized, capacity-building experiences and strategic planning for administrative teams and pre K-12 teachers. While working towards understanding cultural, educational, historical and geographic contexts of partner schools, he helps educators frame diverse community engagement, collective well-being, and sustainable development as the foundational whys of applied student learning.

As a Teach SDGs ambassador and co-founder of Inspire Citizens, he is committed to human and environmentally-centered learning that empowers school communities, teachers and students to connect learning to impactful change. He continues to work directly with students everywhere as a lead facilitator for the Inspire Citizens' Global Student Leadership and Global Youth Media programs.
Following 10 years of supporting teachers and students in inclusive education and success strategies for remedial readers and English Language Learners, Aaron brings this frame into his work with administrators, teachers, students, and community members within the three Inspire Citizens’ Impact Frameworks for school-wide visioning and strategic planning, teacher professional learning, and student global leadership and collaboration. Aaron’s experience at the innovative Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing also developed his expertise in Project-Based Learning, Inquiry, Design Thinking, and best practice pedagogies for implementing authentic and impactful action.

Now, as a Teach SDGs ambassador and the Co-founder of Inspire Citizens, Aaron works with schools to link the world’s greatest needs to applied learning and holistic education and move teachers, programs, and schools towards designing impact projects through best practice professional learning and whole school implementation. By embedding tools for global competence, community well-being, and sustainable development into existing curriculum or school programs, Aaron helps any school to become a Global Impact School and strives to help any stakeholder realize that all schools have potential for positive impact in the world.
As an expert in play-based learning and developing global competence foundations in preK-Kindergarten early elementary aged children, Kavita specializes in facilitating Inspire Citizens’ sustainable thinking, global collaboration, and unit design work in elementary classrooms around the globe. In long-term implementation and in workshops, she co-designs learning experiences and helps coach educators with the roles they play in shaping the attitudes of our youngest learners, offering practical ideas for supporting discovery and foundations for global and intercultural-mindedness. After years of teaching and months of on-site training and co-delivery of Inspire Citizens’ initiatives and mission-driven work across full school communities, including supporting implementation of the Global Impact School Self-Study and the Empathy to Impact teaching methodology and student project-cycle.

After teaching in England and China, Kavita still remains true to the famous phrase accredited to Mahatma Gandhi: “be the change you want to see in the world.” She is a passionate mentor for social-emotional-ethical learning and wellness initiatives at all age levels, embedding wellbeing opportunities into global competence and the Inspire Citizens’ Impact Frameworks. As a witness to injustice, Kavita’s mission is to connect with like-minded individuals who wish to empower children through inspiring, interconnected, and globally-minded holistic education.

31st October, 7th, 14th, 21st November 2020
London 8:00 am | Zurich 9:00 am | Dubai 12:00 pm | India 1:30 pm | Hong Kong 4:00 pm
USD 300 Per Participant
USD 250 Per Participant for a Group of 3 or more
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 8 Professional Development Hours