In-Person Workshop
This Heart, Head, Hands Inspire Citizens’ weekend workshop is a highly interactive deep-dive, co-facilitated and modeled by practicing educators, into how educators and leaders in schools can co-create learning experiences that:
  • Integrate Futures Trends and Thinking for Education for flexible strategic visioning and global citizenship in a complex and uncertain world
  • Support all community members in developing an Ego to Eco mindset grounded in inner and outer peace, joy, sustainability
  • Apply a Heart, Head, Hands philosophy, an Empathy to Impact approach, and a Civic Literacies toolkit in diverse and dynamic student-centered learning
At the forefront of Education for Engaged Global Citizenship, Inspire Citizens, Chapters International, and Inter-Community School Zurich recognize that our schools, classrooms, and learners are inextricably and powerfully connected as global citizens, and that we need resources for and the time to practice how to bring environmental, economic, social, technological, mindful, and meaningful, action-driven experiences to our learners.

During this weekend program, we will engage in brave dialogue, immediately practice with a range of tools and resources, amplify our local community partnerships, build our global network, and design Empathy to Impact learning experiences that empower our learners to work together to shape a healthier, happier, and restorative future for ourselves, society, and the planet.
This Inspire Citizens workshop is a must for anyone that is:
A classroom educator that seeks ways to bring greater compassion, connection, understanding, action, and inner and outer sustainability into the classroom.

A curriculum, sustainability, or service learning coordinator that is trying to help their school’s vision and mission for student agency and global citizenship come to life through highly engaging, student-centered learning experiences.

A technology & innovation coach or librarian who leads or collaborates on projects with teachers that enhance literacies such as data, transmedia, information, futures thinking, and generative co-creation.

A school counselor who is working to spark mentoring experiences that center on compassion, connection, understanding, and action within ourselves and in our relationship with others and the planet.

A future-focused administrator who is exploring proof-of-concept in building a culture of engaged global citizenship as a through-line for any and all school-wide initiatives or professional learning communities.
Steve Sostak
Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school in the US, Peru, Malaysia, and China, Steve now specializes in embedding empathy, sustainable development, civic literacies, media, and engaged global citizenship into whole schools, libraries, classrooms, and student-centered learning experiences.

As director of Inspire Citizens, he has years of international experience with diverse communities, environments and curricula where he co-creates strategic initiatives, projects and learning design. All of Steve's work challenges his learning cohorts to explore and integrate compassion, future trends, wellbeing, civics and interdisciplinary skills for shaping a better education system and world.
Inter-community School Zurich
Strubenacher 3, 8126 Zumikon, Switzerland

8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Registration at 8:00 am
on the 21st of January 2023
USD 690 Per Participant Closing date 5th January 2023
Early Bird Offer USD 650 Per Participant till 1st November 2022
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development hours with lunch, and coffee breaks.
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