The Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations is offering educators an introductory online workshop on The Dynamics of Student Voice and Aspirations.

Goals of Relationship Between Quaglia Institute and Participants
  • Incorporate student voice and aspirations into all learning environments;
  • Enhance remote and in-person learning to be more purposeful for students;
  • Raise student and staff expectations for success;
  • Improve motivation and achievement, leading to increased attendance rates; and
  • Integrate student voice to create the most beneficial learning experience within all modes of instruction.
Session I Introduction to Student Voice

What is student voice? Why does voice matter? Understanding the complexity and definition of voice is essential for implementing strategies that amplify student voice. Participants in this session will learn the definition of voice, explore the difference between noise and voice, examine instructional strategies that foster voice, and begin to develop concrete action plans that will lay a foundation for the Student Voice & Aspirations learning journey.
Session II The Aspirations Profile

In schools, we often challenge our students to dream. Dream bigger! Yet simply dreaming is not enough. Aspirations is defined as the ability to dream and set goals for the future while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams. We will examine strategies for supporting students who are in a state of Hibernation, Imagination, and Perspiration, with the goal of helping all students achieve their aspirations. Participants will consider how to attain a healthy balance of dreaming and doing, and will learn how to help students realize that they must use their voices to take action in order to achieve their aspirations in the present and in the future.
Session III The Voice Process:Listen, Learn, and Lead

The Voice Process will be introduced as a model for fully embracing student voice as a way of being in schools. Participants will continue their journeys to embrace and implement a common definition of student voice and determine how to support all students in reaching their aspirations. The Voice Process and accompanying strategies will challenge educators to consider whether they truly listen to, learn from, and lead with students.
Session IV Voice & Vision:Using Data to Guide Implementation of the Aspirations Framework

Are schools truly involving the voices of students? This session is designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the Aspirations Framework through student voice data. Participants will learn how to effectively use student voice data to continually drive decision-making and measure the effectiveness of implementation efforts. Building-level and classroom-level student voice tools will be presented, along with strategies for analyzing and acting upon data in partnership with students.
Potential Audience:
For K-12 All Educators. Administrators, Leaders and Coaches.
Dr. Russell Quaglia
Dr. Quaglia is a pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student voice and aspirations. His innovative work is evidenced by an extensive library of research-based publications and media appearances. He has authored the School Voice suite of surveys and best-selling books, including Student Voice:The Instrument of Change and Engagement by Design. Dr. Quaglia’s most recent award-winning publication is a children’s book, Cay and Adlee Find Their Voice, which was written with his daughter, Cali. His most recent book, The Power of Voice is getting global recognition. His commitment and life long dedication to student voice led him to being a co-founder of the recently formed Australian Institute for Voice and Aspirations. Dr. Quaglia has become a frequent visitor to schools and institutions around the world, demonstrating his passion for ensuring that students’, teachers’, principals’ and parents’ voices are always heard, honored, and acted upon.
Dr. Lisa Lande
Dr. Lande has dedicated her professional endeavors to advocating for teachers and students around the globe. It is her aspiration that every classroom in every school is one that she would want her own three children to learn in. Dr.Lande is a former high school teacher, college professor, and director of several large-scale school reform projects. She currently serves as a Senior Field Director for the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations. Dr.Lande is a co-author of Teacher Voice:Amplifying Success, Engagement by Design:Creating Learning Environments Where Students Thrive, and The Power of Voice in Schools:Listening, Learning, & Leading Together.

17th, 24th September & 8th, 15th October 2022

Each Session is for 2 Hours
New York 6:00 am | London 11:00 am | Zurich 12:00 pm | Dubai 2:00 pm | India 3:30 pm | Hong Kong 6:00 pm

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This workshop will be not recorded
USD 400 Per Participant
USD 350 Per Participant for a Group of 8 and more
INCLUDES: Certificate of participation for 10 Professional Development hours
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