What is Purposeful Leadership?
Purposeful Leadership is a five week personal development programme enabling educators to connect back to their purpose in order to be their best. Designed by Naomi Ward, the programme takes educators on a transformational journey in which they expand their self-awareness, capacity and vision.

By the end of the programme each participant will know their greatest strengths, gifts and who they are called to be in the world. With this clarity and renewed commitment, educators become deeply motivated, resilient and able to navigate uncertainty.
Why Purposeful Leadership?
Purpose is made up of two elements: who you are at your best and the impact that you are uniquely placed to have. When under pressure, you may find that you lose touch with this sense of self which can lead to feelings of stress. The Purposeful Leadership programme restores your sense of self and guides you to integrate practices into your life that keep you in touch with who you are and what matters most, even in challenging circumstances.

The benefits of completing the programme include:
  • The ability to articulate your strengths, values, purpose and vision;
  • A clear understanding of your leadership identity;
  • Renewed motivation and energy;
  • A healthy relationship with self-doubt;
  • The ability to be resilient through challenge, change and complexity;
  • The confidence to ask for support;
  • Increased leadership presence: the ability to slow down, self-observe and respond rather than react;
  • Peer coaching skills that bring out the best in others;
  • A commitment to a healthy work-life balance and a sustainable career;
  • A greater sense of meaning and as a result, better overall wellbeing;
  • When offered across a school, a culture that is committed to bringing out the best in others, leading to increased engagement and performance.
Creating strong links to individual purpose benefits individuals and organisations alike - and could be vital in managing the post-pandemic uncertainties that lie ahead. McKinsey and Company

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. Mark Twain
Who is Purposeful Leadership for?
  • You have a passion for education, supporting young people and colleagues;
  • You want to find out more about who you are as a leader;
  • You want to improve your capacity to navigate complexity and uncertainty;
  • You have rich experience and strengths and want to put them to purposeful use;
  • You feel busy and overwhelmed, unable to pause and truly reflect;
  • You want to develop your coaching skills;
  • You want to improve your performance at interview;
  • You want to reclaim a rich and more balanced life;
  • You want a network of like-minded people and collaborators who will champion you to be your best.
What is the Format and Structure of the Programme?
  • We meet for 1hr 45 minutes each week over Zoom;
  • Your learning is underpinned by peer coaching and ongoing contact with your programme facilitator;
  • You will have homework tasks each week to forward and deepen your learning;
(These are tasks based on self-observation, journalling and putting your values and purpose into action. There are no formal written essays or assignments.)
What is the Content of the Programme?
Week 1 - Clarify and Commit to Your Values

Clarifying your core values: what they mean to you and how you can use them as a compass in order to create the life and career you want.
Week 2 - Your Reasons For Being

Exploring what brings you joy, what you’re great at and what the world needs; we will begin to identify and establish nourishing habits and healthy boundaries.
Week 3 - A Healthy Relationship with Self-Doubt

Exploring the nature of your self-doubt and how it is holding you back. We will practise the skill of self-observation so that you choose to make empowering decisions even when under pressure.
Week 4 - Nurturing Self-Compassion and Inner Wisdom

Self-compassion is the ability to be with yourself as you would be with a good friend. It is a generative perspective that leads to a sense of spaciousness, peace and connection to others.
Week 5 Your 1:1 Coaching

A 45 minute coaching session with Naomi Ward in order to clarify your purpose and what might be next for you.
Week 6 - Claiming and Celebrating your purpose

Time to articulate and clarify your purpose! Together we will celebrate how far we’ve come.
Who is the Designer and Facilitator of Purposeful Leadership?
  • Naomi Ward CPCC is trained and accredited by the Co-active Training Institute (2015) and the International Coaches Federation (2017);
  • She has over 500 hours of experience coaching educators;
  • Naomi was an English teacher then Faculty Leader in London secondary schools for 14 years;
  • In 2019, Naomi founded Purposeful Educators, a community of educators who are dedicated to living their purpose;
  • She has edited two books about wellbeing in the education sector;
  • She is a volunteer mentor for the Kings Arms Youth Club in Hampshire, UK.
My purpose is to champion educators to claim and celebrate their unique value and purpose in order to have the impact they are longing to have.

I believe that if we lead, interact and create from a place of purpose, we can evolve an ambitious, visionary and compassionate education system for all.

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April 2021
London 3:00 pm | Dubai 6:00 pm | India 7:30 pm | Hong Kong 10:00 pm

Each session is for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
USD 400 per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate for participation for 10 Professional Development Hours.