You have just been appointed grade level leader or head of department. Congratulations!! How will you navigate relationships as a new leader? How will you facilitate team meetings to focus on impacting and improving student learning and teacher practice?

Chapters international and the International School of Luxembourg Learning Loft present a complimentary two day webinar titled Welcome to Teacher Leadership: A Conversation, "Your First Days". Teachers leaders can have a profound impact on moving an educational institution forward. As Michael Iannini stated in his book, Hidden in Plain Sight, Realising the Potential of Middle Leaders, “Teacher - leaders, coordinators, department heads and vice principals are the heart of the school. They are the true change agents and will be the most effective tool in ensuring transformative and sustained change.” To create this change, teacher leaders need to develop a toolkit of “best practices” to facilitate discussions and learning experiences that foster thinking and equitable participation from all team members.

This two day complimentary webinar will provide participants a set of tools to embrace the new role as a teacher leader. Sessions will be interactive which include break out rooms and routines to activate the voices of all the participants.
Guiding Questions:
  • What strategies promote the development of Teams that focus on improving and impacting student learning & teacher practice?
  • What are current best practices to support the role of Teacher Leaders in developing effective teaming strategies?
  • How do teacher leaders facilitate adult learning?
Target Audience:
Teacher Leaders: Heads of Departments, Grade Level Leaders, Academic Leaders, Lead Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator
Time Involved:
2 days, 2 sessions, 90 minutes each session. Interactive session, wear your sneakers … to be comfortable.
  • Saturday, 15 August
  • Sunday, 16 August
Timings: London 7.00 am Zurich 8.00 am Dubai 10.00 am India 11.30 am Hong Kong 2.00 pm Melbourne 4.00 pm
Participants will connect through the ZOOM meeting platform. A laptop, headphones / earbuds and a quiet space for the two days. All participants will be issued with a link to the course that will not be shareable with others. Participants will agree to use the video and sound function to enable full participation. The workshop will be recorded.
Nancy Squicciarini :
Currently, Nancy is Head of Community Relations at the International School of Luxembourg. She is an experienced trainer who facilitates workshops and courses for the Principals' Training Center and the ECIS Middle Leaders Certificate Programme. Nancy is also a member of the @WomenEdBeLux steering committee which is a global grassroots movement that connects aspiring and existing women leaders in education.

Previously, Nancy was the Assistant Principal responsible for Teaching and Learning at the International School of Luxembourg and Chair of ECIS Curriculum and Assessment Committee. Her work as Assistant Principal focused on embracing elevating teacher leadership while ensuring that the curriculum was aligned with researched-based effective instruction. She profoundly advocates the use of effective teaming strategies to embrace the collective wisdom of the participants. In her thirty-five years experience in education, Nancy was a teacher for 24 years, head of the department, school leader and coordinator of professional learning. As Head of Community Relations, she promotes the development of a positive school climate by building and supporting strong connections between all the school’s stakeholders.

Follow Nancy on twitter: @NancyinLux1
15th - 16th August 2020

London 7:00 am | Zurich 8:00 am | Dubai 10:00 am | India 11:30 am | Hong Kong 2:00 pm | Melbourne 4:00 pm