Do you feel equipped with instructional tools ready at your fingertips to pivot and adapt to our constantly changing environments? Let’s face it; the pandemic has forced us to revisit and adjust the way we learn and teach. Gone are the years when we had to convince ourselves and our colleagues of the importance of hands-on learning in the classroom and how to be responsive to the demanding needs of our learners. In a series of three 2-3 hour workshops, Misty, author of Pop Up Studio, will share flexible frameworks to engage your inquirers in thinking creatively, critically, and conceptually, on-the-spot, using your surrounding materials. Being a pedagogical artist has never been more important or more fun!

How might we uphold the rights of young people to engage in artful and spontaneous inquiry and still coach towards excellence? Join Misty on a cyclical journey to enact a marveling mindset to power-up your learning designs and conversations. POWR coaching (Prepare→Observe→Wonder→Respond) centres on human connection and subject expertise for those participating in improvisational teaching such as student-driven inquiry or project-based learning. This two-hour workshop walks you through the aspects of POWR to experience joyful inquiry while guiding students towards disciplinary proficiencies.
Misty is a teacher, parent, and certified, independent concept-based teaching consultant with over 20 years of experience across preschool, elementary, and university classrooms. She holds a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in cross-faculty inquiry, and is pursuing a PhD in Art Education with a focus on artistry. Misty is well versed in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and has facilitated pedagogical transformations in partnership with hundreds of educators, learners, and families across North America and beyond. Misty has embodied virtually every school stakeholder position you can think of: administrator, parent, IB PYP coordinator, parent council co-chair, consultant, and of course, student. These positions have made Misty more empathetic to the many ways school curricula can improve—and the many blocks to achieving that.

As the founder of Pop-Up Studio and author of the best-selling Pop-Up Studio book, Misty champions a creative model of education. She empowers educators of all kinds to integrate concepts, inquiry, and play into multimodal studio spaces at a kitchen table, around a microscope, under a tree, across a classroom desk—anywhere, really! Misty is a trusted leader in responsive teaching practices and a lifelong learner herself. Follow Misty on Twitter @PatersonMisty and Instagram @popupstudioed

19th November 2022

This session is for 2 hours
London 6:00 am | Zurich 7:00 am | Dubai 10:00 am | India 11:30 am | Hong Kong 2:00 pm | Melbourne 5:00 pm

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USD 150
INCLUDES: Certificate of participation for 3 Professional Development hours