How do we create a learning experience for middle and high school students that honors the need for relationship-building, authentically connects to their lives today, and builds the knowledge, skills and dispositions to help address the world’s biggest challenges?

How do we keep inquiry and curiosity alive at a time when it can often feel unsafe to take intellectual risks?

And, how do we accomplish this all online?!

Join Kimberly L. Mitchell, author of Experience Inquiry and undergraduate teacher at the University of Washington as she shares five key inquiry strategies for middle and high school teachers that work beautifully online. This will be an interactive, practical and fast-paced three-day workshop with lots of resources and templates to access and use in your classroom.
The Art of the Online Workshop

Like the students we serve, adult learners have specific needs when it comes to acquiring new knowledge and skills. This online workshop is designed to ensure that teachers and teacher leaders: are taught in ways the brain learns best; have time to practice as authentically as possible; see the immediate application to their work; leave with a plan of action; and feel supported and encouraged by a community of fellow teachers.
Day One (Three hours with 15-min. break and take-home assignment):
#1 Get Personal: How can we develop a strong, trusting community online (without too much eye-rolling and corniness)?
  • Overcoming cognitive dissonance and utilizing online tools
  • Liberating Structures (Heard, Seen, Respected)

#2 Stay Curious: What are you still curious about?
  • Who are your teachers today? Who are you as a learner?
  • Curricular review using Core Thinking Routines (Project Zero)
Day Two (Two hours with a 15-min. break):
#3 Ask More; Talk Less: What questions are you asking? What questions are your students asking?
  • Harkness Discussions online
  • Gathering data and changing practice through Equity Maps and TeachFX
  • Zoom QFT (Question Formulation Technique + extension activities)
Day Three (Two hours with a 15-min. break):
#4 Encourage Evidence: How well do our students conduct due diligence, critically analyze propaganda, and maintain transparency in their own work?
  • A deep dive into subject-related media literacy initiatives including: Media Education Lab, Resisting Scientific Misinformation, Media Smarts, and Fool Proof Me

#5 Extend Thinking Time: How do you protect time for your students to reflect, collaborate, discuss, and integrate new information?
  • Spiral journaling
  • Conversation partnering
Middle and High School teachers and administrators.
Kimberly, author of Experience Inquiry, is an internationally-recognized speaker on student-driven learning and inquiry-based instruction. Her workshops and videos are well-known throughout the international school community, and she is praised for her “accessible, engaging, and practical” approach to inquiry.

In addition to her work with her inquiry consultancy, Inquiry Partners, Kimberly teaches undergraduates at the University of Washington’s College of Education in Seattle, USA. Kimberly has experience at all levels of educational leadership and grade levels. She is a former teacher, principal, senior program officer at the Gates Foundation, and director for Teach for All in Argentina.

Kimberly is the former Chair of the International Baccalaureate Americas Regional Council and currently serves on the Board of Teach For America Washington. Kimberly received her BA in History and Philosophy from Skidmore College and her MA in Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University.

10th October 2020 - 3 Hours
London 6:00 am | Zurich 7:00 am | Dubai 9:00 am | India 10:30 am | Hong Kong 1:00 pm | Melbourne 3:00 pm

17th October 2020 - 2 Hours
London 6:00 am | Zurich 7:00 am | Dubai 9:00 am | India 10:30 am | Hong Kong 1:00 pm | Melbourne 3:00 pm

24th October 2020 - 3 Hours
London 6:00 am | Zurich 7:00 am | Dubai 9:00 am | India 10:30 am | Hong Kong 1:00 pm | Melbourne 3:00 pm
USD 400
USD 300 For Each Participant For Group of 6 or more