Please join Kathy Collins for this series of study sessions in which participants will learn and develop new ways to welcome our youngest children into what Frank Smith calls “the Reading Club.” These four sessions are designed as a combination of a think tank-workshop-inquiry model and will be guided by the questions:
  • How can we support young children in developmentally and individually appropriate ways to think and talk about texts?
  • How can we support young children to develop their own authentic and self-realized identities as readers?
  • What foundational support and experiences can we provide to help young children grow into strong, engaged, and joyful readers?
In each of the four interactive sessions, Kathy will present some research and classroom practice examples, and participants will consider implications for their own teaching contexts. Using breakout rooms and other methods of collaboration, participants will customize the content of each session to create plans for their own classrooms. In between sessions, teachers are invited to try out ideas and then share reflections, revisions, and outcomes with the study group.
Potential Audience
Pre-K to Grade 2
Kathy Collins
Kathy Collins works in schools and presents in conferences all over the world to support teachers in developing high-quality, effective literacy instruction in early childhood settings through middle school grades. She is the co-author, along with Janine Bempechat of Not This But That: No More Mindless Homework (Heinemann, 2017). She co-authored, with Matt Glover, I Am Reading: Nurture Meaning - Making and Joyful Engagement with Texts (Heinemann, 2015). Kathy's other books include Reading for Real: Teach Children to Read With Power, Intention, and Joy in K-3 Classrooms (Stenhouse, 2008) and Growing Readers: Units of Study in Primary Classrooms (Stenhouse, 2004). Kathy has worked closely with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, and she taught in Brooklyn, New York. Kathy and her family live in Durham, New Hampshire. Follow Kathy on Twitter @kathycollins15

Each Session is for 2 Hours.
6th, 13th, 20th, 27th February 2021
London 8:00 am | Zurich 9:00 am | Dubai 12:00 pm | India 1:30 pm | Hong Kong 4:00 pm | Melbourne 7:00 pm
USD 400 Per Participant
USD 350 Per Participant for a Group of 5
USD 300 Per Participant for a Group of 12 and above
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development Hours.
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