In-Person Workshop
A teaching tension may arise when we strive to be well-planned and aligned with colleagues, yet we also want to customize instruction for our own students and infuse our units of study with a spirit of inquiry and the potential for discovery. While we may appreciate the instructional security of a mandated curricula to help guide day-to-day teaching, we may also feel constrained with instruction that feels scripted and meant for classrooms elsewhere. How, then, might we create conditions within our literacy workshops so that children learn all they need to know to become engaged, strategic readers and writers, while also making room for them to pursue questions, projects, and interests that may arise? This two-day workshop is designed for teachers who are conscientious about meeting curricular demands, but who also want to be sure to infuse children’s experiences in literacy with a spirit of inquiry and unforeseen possibilities.

Kathy Collins will share practical ideas and classroom strategies to help teachers find the sweet spot that exists between being well-planned and being highly responsive, between established units of study and flash units that are customized to the students in the classroom. With the support of activities, demonstrations, and video, teachers consider these questions:
  • How do we implement reading and writing workshops characterized by equal parts intention and joy?
  • How can we fit an inquiry mindset into our literacy curricula and balanced literacy components?
  • How do we create flash units of study based on students’ interests and curiosities?
  • How can our conferring and small group instruction grow students’ literacy skills while also enabling their sense of agency?
Kathy Collins works in schools and presents in conferences all over the world to support teachers in developing high-quality, effective literacy instruction in the early childhood settings through middle school. She is the co-author, along with Janine Bempechat of Not This But That: No More Mindless Homework (Heinemann, 2017). She co-authored, with Matt Glover, I Am Reading: Nurture Meaning-Making and Joyful Engagement with Texts (Heinemann, 2015). Kathy's other books include Reading for Real: Teach Children to Read With Power, Intention, and Joy in K-3 Classrooms (Stenhouse, 2008) and Growing Readers: Units of Study in Primary Classrooms (Stenhouse, 2004). Kathy has worked closely with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, and she taught in Brooklyn, New York. Kathy and her family live in Durham, New Hampshire.
Anglo American School of Sofia
Address: Панчарево, ul. "Siianie" 1, 1137 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 923 8810

8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Registration at 8:00 am
on the 3rd of October 2023
USD 850 Closing Date 15th September 2023
Early Bird Off USD 750 till 1st June 2023
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development Hours, Lunch and Coffee Breaks.
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