Inquiry as an approach to teaching and learning has long been regarded as a powerful way not only to engage students in their learning, but to challenge them to think more deeply and apply skills and understandings to new contexts. Many of us like the idea of an inquiry approach but feel less confident with how to use it effectively in the classroom. This two-day workshop is designed to develop participants understanding of inquiry as a stance, inquiry as a pedagogy and inquiry as an approach to designing for learning.
Day 1 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm):
Day 1 of this workshop focuses on what we actually mean by an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning using practical examples from classrooms all over the world. Our first day is all about pedagogy. What does it mean to teach this way? How do inquiry-oriented teachers, teach? What are the key pedagogical practises and how can we include them in our day-to-day teaching? We will explore how to cultivate curiosity, question for deep thinking, release responsibility, observe, listen and notice and build skills and dispositions for lifelong learning.
Day 2 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm):
This half-day examines processes for designing journeys/units of inquiry. Kath will take participants through her well-known cycle of inquiry and how this cycle can support collaborative and individual planning and teaching for deep understanding. Examples of powerful inquiries will be shared with a focus on authentic contexts, conceptual understanding and involving learners. Teachers will walk away with some action they are planning to apply to their classroom/role.
Online follow up (2 hours)
We will meet online a few weeks after the workshop. This will provide participants with the opportunity to share their experiences, get feedback and receive further advice on teaching and learning through inquiry.

Throughout the workshop, the following questions will be addressed:
  • Why use an inquiry based approach?
  • How can we adopt an inquiry ‘stance’ in our teaching across the day and across the curriculum?
  • What is the role of the teacher in the inquiry classroom? Where does ‘explicit teaching’ fit into the picture? What does inquiry learning ‘look like’ in the classroom?
  • How is the inquiry classroom organised? How do we curate the space?
  • What does an inquiry-based lesson entail?
  • How do we collaboratively plan/design extended journeys (‘units) for inquiry learning?
  • What strategies can we add to our repertoire to strengthen our inquiry based teaching?
Kath Murdoch is an experienced teacher, author, university lecturer and popular consultant who has worked for many years in schools throughout the world. With a focus on early childhood and primary education, she is widely respected as a leader in the field of inquiry based learning and integrative curriculum in which she has taught, researched and published for over 30 years.

Kath began her professional life as a classroom teacher in Melbourne, Australia. Her fascination in how students' constructed their understandings - and her interest in the way questions and big ideas could drive curriculum soon led to a passion for integrative and inquiry based methodologies. This passion has become a career-long focus for teaching, research and writing and the methodologies in which Kath specialises are now central to curriculum frameworks in many parts of the world - including the popular International Baccalaureate, PYP program.

Critical to Kath's success is her continued involvement in classroom teaching. Whether it is to demonstrate techniques, coach teachers or build her own repertoire of practices, Kath is committed to regular and ongoing work with students. Her classroom work and research feeds a dynamic and ever-evolving expertise in the area of integrative and inquiry-based learning.

Kath's professional development offerings are diverse. They range from intensive partnerships with schools to develop inquiry programs and practices over several years through to one-day workshops for beginning or experienced inquiry teachers. Whether in her home town of Melbourne or on the other side of the world, working with a team or speaking to a packed auditorium Kath's style is refreshingly practical, inclusive and always connected to the real world of teaching.
Saigon South International School

Address: 78 Nguyễn Đức Cảnh, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

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9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration at 8:30 am
on the 25th of November 2023
USD 850 Till 10th November 2023
Early Bird Offer USD 800 Till 1st August 2023
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