Connection before content. As educators, we know that when our students feel safe, seen and inspired that learning naturally follows. However, with so many curricular expectations on our plate, it can feel overwhelming to consider how to fit in the intentional instruction of social-emotional competencies.

At the same time, we are seeing an increase in mental health concerns among youth, and a well-documented, CDC recommended way to support youth mental health is through SEL and mindfulness interventions. We know our classrooms need SEL, but what does it look like on a day to day basis?

In this experiential workshop, we will engage in exploratory and reflective practices that will help us to deepen our awareness of social-emotional competencies and how we can seamlessly integrate high-yield SEL practices into the fabric of our daily routines. As an important part of supporting our students, we will be weaving in exercises that allow us to deepen our own self-awareness and self-management skills, as teacher wellbeing also has a direct effect on student wellbeing. Be prepared to write, discuss, explore and reflect - and to walk away with practical strategies that can help you to create a warm and beloved community this year.

Some of the areas of exploration will be:
  • Understanding what contributes to our own purpose, identity and emotions as educators
  • Exploring the neuroscience of dysregulation with simple strategies to support students’ independent self-management
  • Developing emotional literacy and understanding of how to welcome feelings in the classroom
  • Identifying strategies and practices that support safe and healthy community development (and integrate into a busy schedule)
Materials Needed:
All participants are asked to bring a notebook or journal and something to write with. They will be invited to write and reflect in as they engage in practices in between workshop sessions.
Who should take this workshop?
This workshop is offered for anyone in education who would like to develop an understanding of social-emotional learning and how it can be integrated into their own lives and classrooms. Teachers, leaders, teaching assistants, consultants, bus drivers, office staff, parents - all are welcome. The content of the workshop may be applicable for middle school teachers but will focus mainly on elementary-level students.
Kailyn Fullerton
Kailyn Fullerton (she/her) is a holistic educator and consultant. She has had the privilege of learning and growing as a professional within the international school community, at schools in Thailand, Ukraine and Indonesia. Kailyn believes in the transformative potential of social-emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness to support educators, leaders, parents and students in their journey towards personal, social and systemic wellbeing. She is a doctoral candidate at Antioch University, specializing in SEL and exploring the influence of mindfulness-based SEL with international school educators. Kailyn is also an adjunct professor at Antioch University New England, teaching a graduate course in Mindful Leadership.

18th, 25th September, 2nd, & 9th October 2024

Each session is for 2 hours.
New York 5:00 am | London 10:00 am | Zurich 11:00 am | Dubai 1:00 pm | India 2:30 pm | Hong Kong 5:00 pm
Melbourne 7:00 pm

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USD 400 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development Hours.