How can you design learning experiences that make it much more likely that students will understand content and be able to apply it in meaningful ways? Since 1998, thousands of educators around the world have used the Understanding by Design® (UbD) Framework to answer that question and create more rigorous and engaging curricula. In this design workshop, participants will explore the key ideas of UbD and apply practical and proven design tools and templates for unit design.
  • Apply a 3-stage “backward design” model and the new UbD 2.0 Template for curriculum development;
  • Identify long-term Transfer Goals from which to plan backward;
  • Learn processes for “unpacking” Standards to establish curriculum priorities and determine content worthy of deep understanding;
  • Use Essential Questions to frame curriculum to focus on “big ideas”;
  • Examine a continuum of assessment methods to use in assessing the degree of student understanding;
  • Explore six “facets” of understanding and their implication for curriculum, assessment, and teaching;
  • Apply selected design tools to create authentic performances tasks based on the six “facets”
  • Apply the A.M.T. framework to design engaging and effective instruction;
  • Access an excellent collection of on-line UbD resources to support unit design;
  • Participate in a structured review process for giving and receiving feedback based on UbD Design Standards
The workshop will feature a balance of presentations, small group activities and discussions, design time in role-alike groups, review of web-based resources, and a sharing / feedback protocol.

Note: Since this workshop involves curriculum design, participants should bring materials (e.g., Standards, textbooks, resource materials, assessments, scoring rubrics, etc.) to support their curriculum design work.

How will we insure that important 21st Century Skills are not “falling through the cracks” of our curriculum? How might we systematically collect evidence of our students’ growth in these important skills? How shall we naturally integrate teaching and assessing 21st Century Skills with academic content? How will we deliver a “guaranteed and viable” 21st century curriculum?

In this workshop, we’ll examine these questions and explore ideas from Jay McTighe’s recent book, Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision Driven Schools (2nd ed.) along with key principles and practical tools from Understanding by Design and Schooling by Design. Participants will explore proven approaches for transforming the Standards and 21st century skills into a coherent curriculum that emphasizes understanding and long-term transfer. Specific topics include:
  • Creating a curriculum “blueprint” to guide the design of a coherent and vertically aligned curriculum;
  • “Unpacking” standards to identify long-term transfer goals and “big ideas”;
  • Generating essential questions that spiral across the grades;
  • Creating recurring cornerstone assessment tasks and companion rubrics that integrate 21st Century Skills with academic content;
  • Curriculum Mapping 3.0 – Mapping the curriculum around desired performances rather than simply a scope and sequence of content “coverage;”
  • Upgrading current grading and reporting systems; and
  • Utilizing web-based resources for “working smarter”

Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision Driven Schools
McTighe, J. and Curtis, G. (2015). Solution Tree

Schooling By Design: Mission, Action, Achievement
Wiggins, G. and McTighe, J. (2007) ASCD
This workshop is designed for educators at all levels interested in enhancing their design of curriculum, assessment, and instruction to develop and deepen student understanding.
Jay McTighe brings a wealth of experience developed during a rich and varied career in education. He served as director of the Maryland Assessment Consortium, a state collaboration of school districts working together to develop and share formative performance assessments.

Jay is an accomplished author, having co-authored 14 books, including the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design series with Grant Wiggins. His books have been translated into ten languages. Jay has also written more than 35 articles and book chapters, and been published in leading journals, including Educational Leadership (ASCD) and Education Week. See http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B001IO9LWA

Jay has an extensive background in professional development and is a regular speaker at national, state, and district conferences and workshops. He has conducted workshops in 47 states within the United States, in 7 Canadian provinces, and internationally to educators in 35 countries on six continents.

Since education is a “learning” profession, Jay set a learning goal when he was 57 years of age to be surfing by 60. He did it!
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9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration at 8:30 am
on the 11th January 2020
USD 790 Closing Date Till 1st December 2019
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development hours, Lunch and 2 coffee breaks.
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