Jay will present ideas from his latest book, Designing Authentic Performance Tasks and Projects (ASCD, 2020). This session will explore a variety of practical and proven tools for the development of performance tasks to engage students in meaningful learning and for assessing important learning outcomes (e.g., 21st century skills) that often fall “through the cracks” of conventional testing. A compilation of excellent web-based resources will be presented. In addition, instructional implications and the role of formative assessment will be examined.
Participation in this workshop will enable participants to:
  • identify the characteristics of quality performance tasks;
  • use a framework for designing authentic performance tasks for the classroom, school, and district;
  • identify web and print resources to support the design and use of performance tasks to enhance instruction and assessment;
  • apply a variety of on-going, formative assessments in the classroom.
Jay McTighe
Jay McTighe brings a wealth of experience developed during a rich and varied career in education. He served as director of the Maryland Assessment Consortium, a state collaboration of school districts working together to develop and share formative performance assessments. Prior to this position, Jay was involved with school improvement projects at the Maryland State Department of Education where he helped lead Maryland’s standards-based reforms, including the development of performance-based statewide assessments.

6th & 13th May 2021
Each session will be for 2 hours.
EST 6:00 am | London 11:00 am | Zurich 12:00 pm | Dubai 2:00 pm | India 3:30 pm | Hong Kong 6:00 pm
Melbourne 8:00 pm
USD 200 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 6 Professional Development Hours.
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