In this interactive webinar, educator and author, Jason Ablin, will help educators and school leaders see the ways gender shows up explicitly and implicitly throughout our students’ experiences in K-12 education. Educators examine language patterns built into daily parlance which come to define students’ experiences of gender expectations. Participants engage in exercises wherein they map the “gender geography” of their schools. Gender concepts, such as natural versus acquired aptitude, properly defined and examined, will help educators explore how teachers and schools shape performance expectations often in contradiction to explicit institutional learning goals. Creating a professional dialogue will allow participants to see how gender approaches to education do not need to be fraught with ideological concerns but can be an essential component of creating a supportive and nurturing school environment. How can educators move beyond their own implicit biases so that gender expectations do not impede student growth and success? By identifying gender imbalances, professionals receive concrete tools to support all learners of all genders to achieve their best selves.
Agenda (Sessions run 2 hours):
Session I - Telling Gender Stories
This opening session demonstrates how to shape the gender conversation in schools by exploring our own relationship to gender. What were our own observations and experiences in school settings and how do they inform our current practices as educators?
Session II – Mapping Our Schools’ “Gender Geography”
What do our classrooms look like? How are they constructed? What messages do they send to students? How do our hallways, lunchrooms, and recess yards, etc. tell a gender narrative about our schools? Case studies will be used for this session.
Session III – Student Articulation and Language
Participants examine the types of language used in schools to describe students and their identity as learners. Student scenarios are utilized to explore alternative practices for student articulation which mitigate gender bias.
Who should take this workshop:
K-12 teachers, curriculum supervisors, school administrators, teacher trainers and DEI personnel.
Jason Ablin
Jason Ablin (@JasonAblin) is the author of The Gender Equation in Schools: How to create equity and fairness for all students. He has served as a teacher, department chair, principal, and head of school. He holds national certification in leadership coaching and mentoring from the National Association of School Principals and has been supporting and mentoring new leaders throughout the country for over ten years. At American Jewish University’s Graduate School of Education and in school-based teacher workshops, he trains teachers to create gender aware classrooms and has taught year-long courses regarding the relationship between cognitive neuroscience and education. He is also the founder and director of AJU’s Mentor Teacher Certification Program.

10th, 17th, 24th, 31st January 2024

Each Session is for 2 Hours

San Francisco 3:30 am | New York 6:30 am | London 11:30 am | Zurich 12:30 pm | Dubai 3:30 pm | India 5:00 pm
Hong Kong 7:30 pm

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USD 400 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 8 Professional Development Hours.