Veteran educator and author, Jason Ablin, brings critical approaches and tools to principals, teacher supervisors, mentors and coaches that will empower them to bring gender equity and fairness to their schools. School leaders, who must be the supportive eyes and ears for new or veteran teachers, will learn how to help shape the gender lenses of faculty regarding planning and practices so that all students can feel safe and successful. Gender is a powerful signifier for students regarding how they should perceive themselves as learners. Tried and true observational tools and data collection practices will be introduced that can transform teacher approaches, raising student engagement across subject matter. Classroom design and inquiry protocols will also be discussed which reduce gender bias and allow students to understand that all parts of the curriculum are accessible to them. Participants will also train in question analysis, based on adult learning theory that allows teachers to see the relevance of this approach with the ultimate goal of student growth and learning confidence.
Agenda (Sessions run 2 hours):
Session I
Coaches and supervisors learn how to bring the compelling reasoning and language of gender equity to their mentees and teachers. Through thoughtful practices of self reflection, content analysis, and framing, we help teachers see the “why” of sharpening our teacher lenses around issues of implicit bias. What are the consequences if we do not do this work? What are the benefits to students and faculty when they seek improvement in this critical area of human development and identity? Four critical framing conversations will be provided to participants to galvanize teachers regarding this work.
Who should take this workshop:
K-12 instructional leadership, including department chairs, mentor teachers, assistant principals, principals and district leaders in charge of instructional improvement and supervision.
Jason Ablin
Jason Ablin (@JasonAblin) is the author of The Gender Equation in Schools: How to create equity and fairness for all students. He has served as a teacher, department chair, principal, and head of school. He holds national certification in leadership coaching and mentoring from the National Association of School Principals and has been supporting and mentoring new leaders throughout the country for over ten years. At American Jewish University’s Graduate School of Education and in school-based teacher workshops, he trains teachers to create gender aware classrooms and has taught year-long courses regarding the relationship between cognitive neuroscience and education. He is also the founder and director of AJU’s Mentor Teacher Certification Program.

25th October & 1st November 2023

Each Session is for 2 Hours

India 11:30 am | Hong Kong 2:00 pm | Melbourne 5:00 pm
Correspondence to 24th October and 31st October 2023
San Francisco 11:00 pm

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USD 300 Per Participant
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 6 Professional Development Hours.
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