Session One:
Understanding Artificial Intelligence: In this session, we delve into the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, demystifying its concepts and exploring its potential applications in the educational setting. This session will include information on addressing threats and potential problems. Like any technology, AI comes with certain challenges and potential risks. In this portion of the workshop, we candidly explore the ethical concerns, biases, and data privacy issues associated with AI.
Session Two:
Empowering Classrooms and Engaging Our Learners: This session aims to inspire educators to harness the power of AI to transform their classrooms by looking at how any teacher can use this tool for productivity and time-saving. Blended Learning Experiences with AI: In this session, we will look at the digital tools that will help us understand students and their learning in more powerful ways. From rethinking the writing process to formative assessment in a world of AI.
Session Three:
The Ultimate in Lesson Design with AI: In this session, we will delve into the pinnacle of lesson design with AI, focusing on immersive, inquiry-based strategies that not only promote deeper learning but also foster student agency. Learn how to craft impactful lessons centered around the principles of inquiry for transformative educational experiences.
Session Four:
What's Next: In this session, we will revisit some lesson design procedure deconstructing our own successes and problems. Then we will look at harnessing new and emerging AI tools: In this session, we'll explore an array of innovative AI-powered tools. Delving beyond Bard and Bing comparisons, we'll uncover how these advanced tools can help educators maximize efficiency and elevate student achievement.
Holly Clark:
Meet Holly, a passionate educator and digital learning pioneer who has made significant contributions to the field of educational technology. With over 25 years of rich experience, Holly is not only an international speaker and a bestselling author but also an influential advocate for technology-infused education. She was one of the first teachers to have a 1:1 classroom (1999-2000) in the country and has dedicated her career to equipping educators globally with blended learning strategies. Holly's insightful work has made her a trusted authority for those keen to upgrade their teaching techniques through technology.

Holly's influence on the educational landscape echoes in her acclaimed books, "The Google Infused Classroom", "Chromebook Infused Classroom", and NOW “The AI Infused Classroom”, which are esteemed resources for educators globally. She is a Google Certified Innovator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a National Board Certified Teacher. Her passion is for helping teachers find their blended learning genius and learn to create and design unforgettable learning experiences.

30th September, 7th, 14th, 28th October 2023

Each session is for 2 hours.
London 7:30 am | Zurich 8:30 am | Dubai 10:30 am | India 12:00 pm | Hong Kong 2:30 pm | Melbourne 4:30 pm

Please click here to check your time for the workshop
USD 400
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development Hours.
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