Re-thinking Early Years Learning Environments
By Fiona Zinn
21st - 22nd April 2018, The Hague

  The role of the learning environment is critical and can never be underestimated.

Much attention has been given to the notion of the ‘environment as the third teacher’ (Malaguzzi) in recent years; shaping the design and construction of early childhood spaces all around the world. Perhaps answering a call from the future, rather than paying homage to education systems of the past, the significance of the spaces in which children learn are now at the forefront of teachers minds.

When constructed thoughtfully, learning environments have the power to nourish, support and promote learning; uniting teachers and children in the process of constructing understandings and sharing meaning.Successful learning environments come to life as ‘laboratories for thinking’ (Rinaldi) and are underpinned by collaborative and responsive design.

This workshop will allow teachers to consider important aspects of learning environment design. With a strongly collaborative focus for the workshop, teachers are asked to come ready to share and discuss elements of their own practice, which will add to the learning experience of the group.
  Participants will work collaboratively to understand how learning environments can:
  • Invite inquiry learning and play
  • Support collaboration and shared meaning making
  • Support children’s interests and unique learning styles
  • Celebrate our values
  • Act as the ‘third teacher’
  • Promote wellbeing, learning and success
  • Build relationships and community
Potential Audience
  Early Years Educators, Leaders and Curriculum Coordinators who have specific responsibility for the Early Years.

Participants are asked to bring:
  • A photograph of a place where they like to learn
  • A photograph of their classroom environment
  • A digital device for accessing shared resources
Trainer’s Profile:
  Fiona Zinn is an Education Consultant based in Australia. Drawing on 25 years’ experience in the early childhood, primary and tertiary sectors, Fiona consults widely with International Schools around the world to boldly re-imagine early years pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments in response to research. Much of this work finds resonance with the educational project of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

As well as consulting with schools, Fiona currently lectures part time at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, is elected to the National Committee of the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange and works with the International Baccalaureate as a Professional Development Educator, Field Representative, Global Curriculum Writer and Workshop Developer.
  Investment includes Certificate of Participation, Lunch and 2 coffee breaks.
  USD 690, Early Bird Offer till 1st December, 2017
  USD 750, Closing Date 15th April, 2018
  American School of The Hague - Early Childhood Campus (ECC)
Deijlerweg 153
2241 AE Wassenaar
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  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration at 8.30 am on the 21st April 2018.
  Shonal Agarwal

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