There is now a large and growing evidence base that helping teachers develop their use of minute-to-minute and day-by-day assessment is one of, if not the most powerful ways to improve student learning. However, adopting formative assessment, or assessment for learning as it is sometimes called, involves far more than adding a few "quick fixes" to teachers' classroom repertoires. It involves a fundamental shift in focus, from what the teacher is putting in to the process to what the students are getting out of it. In this interactive one-day workshop, participants will learn:
  • Why we need to increase educational achievement, what's been tried, and why it hasn't worked;
  • Why formative assessment needs to be the priority for every school;
  • What formative assessment is (and isn't);
  • Practical techniques for implementing formative assessment; and
  • How to sustain the development of formative assessment with teacher learning communities.
Participants will learn what kinds of formative assessment have the biggest impact on student achievement, and how they can be implemented in every classroom. Specifically, participants will
  • Understand why a focus on minute to minute and day by day assessment for learning must be a priority for every school
  • Learn about the five key strategies of assessment for learning, together with thirty practical techniques that teachers can use in their classrooms
  • Understand how to support colleagues in developing their practice of assessment for learning.
Day 1
  • Session 1: Formative assessment: why, what and how

  • Session 2: Sharing learning intentions

  • Session 3: Eliciting evidence
Day 2
  • Session 1: Feedback

  • Session 2: Activating students - as learning resources and as owners of their learning

  • Session 3: Sustaining teacher learning with teacher learning communities
Potiential Audience:
K-12 and university teachers, curriculum supervisors, teacher leaders, and teacher trainers.
The workshop will use a variety of techniques including formal presentation, small group discussion, and a variety of activities that model the use of effective formative assessment in the classroom.
Dylan Wiliam
Dylan Wiliam is one of the world's leading authorities on the ways that assessment can be used to improve student learning and has authored or co-authored over 300 articles, books, and book chapters on education. After 7 years teaching English, mathematics and science in urban secondary schools in London, he joined Chelsea College, University of London, which later merged with King's College London. During his time at King's College London, he ran the mathematics teacher education programme, co-ordinated a large scale testing programme, served for five years as Dean of the School of Education and from 2001 to 2003, was Assistant Principal of the College. In 2003 he moved to the United States, to take up the post of Senior Research Director at the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey, and in 2006 returned to the UK as Deputy Director of the Institute of Education, University of London. Since 2010 he has worked as an independent consultant, advising schools, districts, and regional and national governments on how education can be improved, but he retains his link with the University of London as Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment.
The American School in London

9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration at 8:00 am
on the 9th March 2019.
USD 790 Closing Date till 1st March, 2019
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 16 Professional Development hours, Lunch and 2 coffee breaks.
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