Leading Beyond Complexity
By Dr. Ronald Lalonde
16th - 17th November 2019, Delhi, India

  This two day workshop helps you explore changing notions of leadership that invite you to “bring your whole self to work.” We approach the demands and complexity of schools today and invite you to respond from a place of personal commitment and clarity. We will develop practices that help you increase presence to your faculty, build trust, and make and communicate decisions effectively. This workshop promotes practices of personal alignment that will help you develop a sense of calm and confidence in your busy work environment.
  Through this workshop, participants will:
  • Develop personal mission statements that they can align with their school missions and that will guide action and priorities.
  • Understand the distinctions of trust in order to analyze gaps when trust is diminished or absent.
  • Practice trust building strategies.
  • Learn how to “center” during challenging times, and speak clearly to the issues.
  • Opportunities for reflection and collaboration.

Day 1: Aligning Intention and Attention
  Session 1
  • My strengths
  • My interests
  • My aspirations
  Session 2
  • My frame
  • My alignments
  • My obstacles
  • My personal mission statement
  Session 3
  • What am I leading?
  • Asking questions
  • Listening deeply

Day 2: Trust is what remains when you care for your relationships
  Session 1
  • The 4 distinctions of trust
  • Trust building practices
  Session 2
  • Speaking from “center”
  • Essential conversations
  Session 3
  • Practice scenarios
  • Reflection and closure
Potential Audience:
  This workshop offers something for all school faculty and focuses on the self-awareness and practices of centering that enable successful outcomes in challenging situations. School leaders, team leaders, department chairs, and those aspiring to school leadership will find that if adds considerably to their skill set and helps them achieve a greater sense of balance.
  This workshop will involve active exploration of new concepts and behaviors. Participants will build strong relationships with one another in order to practice techniques and engage in scenarios drawn from their own experiences. Extensive references and links to practices that will enhance personal-work alignment will be shared. A workbook will capture key concepts, guide individual reflection and leave participants with personal insight and a roadmap for future action.
Trainer Profile:
  Ronald D. Lalonde, Ed.D., NCC, ACC, is the founder of Riverspath Coaching and Consulting ( He is formerly the Middle School Principal of the American School of Dubai and the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico. Dr. Lalonde has researched extensively and developed applications of positive psychology to middle level education. He continues to seek ways to reimagine student relationships with schools, and adult attitudes toward adolescents and adolescence. Schools under Dr. Lalonde's leadership have been commended for the healthy student teacher relationships and high student well being.

As a school leader, Dr Lalonde created a successful Instructional Coaching Program and has gone on to explore and promote leadership coaching in international schools. In his 20 years in international education, he has held leadership positions at schools in England, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico. He speaks about leadership coaching and personal transformation and the critical role they play in improving school cultures and creating space for school change. Ron has been a key contributor to developing and refining teacher supervision and professional development models in three schools, and this continues to be central to his consulting work.

Dr Lalonde earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Philosophy from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), and a doctorate from the University of Calgary, where he focused on critical issues in consulting students. He is also a Newfield Network Certified Ontological Coach.

He teaches at the University of British Columbia and has served as an adjunct professor for the State University of New York in their Master's Degree Program for international educators. He is also on the faculty of the Aspen Center for Human Development and the Steering Committee for the World Positive Education Accelerator. Dr. Lalonde teaches annually at the Principal's Training Center in Miami and in London, continues to research and write on the topics of positive education, coaching, student engagement and student voice, and presents on these topics at international conferences.
  Includes: Lunch, 1 coffee break and a certificate of participation.
  USD 700 Closing Date 1st October 2019.
Rs. 30,000 + GST % Closing Date 1st October 2019.
  8.30 am to 3.30 pm
Registration at 8.00 am on the 16th November 2019.
  Shonal Agarwal

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