With rapidly growing complexities and prevalence of trauma in the lives of youth, it is important to understand how to connect with them on a meaningful level that is non-threatening and supportive. This workshop will give an overview of how music is an important and transformational tool for working with youth who have experienced trauma, and it will deliver a practical and differentiated approach to using music creativity for healing and resilience.
Session 1
Attendees will learn about evidence based practices and current discoveries in neuroscience that help students govern executive functioning skills. There will be a deep investigation of the perception-action cycle.

Product: Teachers will be equipped with an SEL activity involving differing tempos and genres of music to help students investigate how music can evolve their mood.
Session 2
Using music and movement for Universal Design for Learning and Social Emotional Learning incorporating the CAST and CASEL Frameworks.

Product: Teachers will be able to utilize both frameworks presented using Bartinieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement in conjunction with music to regulate emotions
Session 3
Songwriting session: Attendees will write original lyrics to a song related to a discipline of their choosing through the lens of social emotional wellness.

Product: Attendees will be able to compose gateless writing prompts that will allow for creative flow, and also be equipped with strategies for editing and curating content.
Session 4
Song Production: Attendees will be introduced to a host of music production tools online and will be given a framework to complete the process of production using hardware and software they have access to.

Product: Workshop attendees will leave with a finished draft of a produced original song and a method to teach others learning through music.
Daniel Roeder
Daniel is an Education Specialist serving as Chief Academic Officer of the David Z Foundation. He is a highly innovative and resourceful education professional who quickly identifies and resolves challenging classroom situations, strives to create positive classroom culture, and readily communicates and collaborates with team members across disciplines and agencies. He is passionate about collaborations in both music and education. Daniel has toured with Tajci as a keyboard player and vocalist. He is currently collaborating with Paulie Z on myriad music and education projects, including the David Z Modern Musician Program.
Donna Guerin
Donna Guerin is the Founder and CEO of Global Lighthouse Studios, an international educational NGO that provides project based learning through the lens of music and the arts. Donna has been a classroom teacher for 24 years and has been involved in global education for eight years. Her philosophy of education is student centered learning and project based. Donna feels that students learn best when they are invested in their own educational journey. Donna believes in the power of uniting people around the world to ensure equity and diversity in education. We can all learn from one another and we are always better together.

29th April, 6th, 13th, 20th May 2023

India 5:30 am | Hong Kong 8:00 am | Melbourne 10:00 am
Correspondence to 28th April, 5th, 12th and 19th May 2023
San Francisco 5:00 pm | Chicago 7:00 pm | New York: 8:00 pm

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USD 400 Per Participant
USD 350 Per Participant for a group of 6
INCLUDES: Certificate of Participation for 10 Professional Development hours