Even the most successful writing workshops can be inconsistent in their teaching of punctuation. When we approach the teaching of mechanics as a craft tool rather than as a set of rules, students become thoughtful punctuation decision makers who consider mood, pacing and rhythm in their writing - and learn conventions in such a way that they retain and apply them consistently.

In this workshop, Dan Feigelson, author of Practical Punctuation: Lessons On Rule Making And Rule Breaking In Elementary Writing (Heinemann 2008), explores exciting ways to naturally integrate the teaching of mechanics into our writing instruction.This presentation will give participants practical ideas to use right away – and a new perspective on teaching what is too often thought of as the “boring” part of writing instruction.
Potential Audience
K-12 Educators
Dan Feigelson has worked extensively in New York City schools as a principal, teacher, literacy coach, curriculum writer, and superintendent. An early member of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, he leads institutes, workshops and lab-sites around the world on the teaching of reading and writing. A regular presenter at national and international conferences, Dan is the author of Reading Projects Reimagined: Student-Driven Conferences to Deepen Critical Thinking, and Practical Punctuation: Lessons in Rule Making and Rule Breaking in Elementary Writing. He lives in New York City and Columbia County, New York. Follow Dan on Twitter @danfeigelson

31st October 2020
The session is for 2 Hours
London 7:30 am | Zurich 8:30 am | Dubai 11:30 pm | India 1:00 pm | Hong Kong 3:30 pm
USD 75 Per Participant
USD 50 Per Participant for a Group of 10 or more