Moving from ideas to purposeful action: this is the heart of service learning. All educators seek ways to add depth and meaning to learning, and strategies that will guide students to understand the dense and complex issues facing our communities. This can best be accomplished by extending academic connections beyond the confines of the classroom through a reliable and effective process: service learning.

Cathryn’s service learning approach can support schools to integrate the 3-dimensions of the Australian Curriculum by connecting the learning areas to the general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities. IB World Schools seeking to strengthen student "agency in the PYP, or more meaningfully integrate the service-learning outcomes in the MYP or their Diploma CAS program" as many IB schools only run one of the IB programmes and this implies that PYP schools also run the MYP, which often isn’t the case.

During these two days, we will explore how service learning builds the capacity for students to:
  • Conduct social analysis through action research - a method applicable to every research and inquiry task
  • Authenticate community assets and needs - increase the ability to make local and global connections
  • Elevate question asking skills - a transferable ability that augments all learning
  • Create mutually respectful and sustainable reciprocal partnerships - develop understanding of the importance of clarifying roles and responsibilities and meeting personal and group obligations
  • Reflect by choice on significant moments and learning - and enjoy the process of reflection
  • Demonstrate what has been learned, the process of learning, and what has been accomplished through service - resulting in a more astute and competent learner
We will also explore curriculum planning for academic integration that aims for interdisciplinary connections, possible at all grade levels. And this process includes practical strategies that can be used immediately.

Note that the majority of experiences are interactive in diverse groupings. Reflection processes and engaging teaching methods are modeled throughout and discussed for maximum transparency.
Day One:
  • Welcome and Opening
  • A Quote Experience: A Model of Engaged Learning
  • Grounding and Norms
  • Foundations of Service Learning
  • Key Terms
  • Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs
  • Essential Elements
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Defining Service Learning
  • Service Learning and Skills - approaches to teaching and learning
  • The Five Stages of Service Learning
  • Review of the Five Stages: investigation, preparation, action, reflection, demonstration
  • Four Corners Experience – a highly interactive session to engage in the investigation, preparation and action concepts of the service learning process
  • Process and Review
Day Two:
  • Approaches to Curriculum
  • Experiences to Integrate Service Learning into Academics
  • A Pause for the BRAIN
  • Planning for Partnerships
  • Approaches to Curriculum Part Two
  • Reflection 3.0
  • Why Demonstration Matters – Strategies to Capture the Story
  • Process and Review
While this overview and agenda is provided, the actual process will change based on immediate needs that present, questions and queries, and staying genuine in the moment. We have much to learn together and from each other!

Note: Having a copy of The Complete Guide to Service Learning – Proven Practical Ways to Engage Students in Civic Responsibility, Academic Curriculum, & Social Action by Cathryn Berger Kaye is recommended but not required. Handouts are provided.
Cathryn Berger Kaye
Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A., founder of CBK Associates, is an international education consultant, who gladly shares her expertise on service learning, effective approaches to teaching and learning, dynamic advisory programs, organizational development, innovative curriculum design, and social and emotional development to schools, universities and organizations worldwide. She is known for her engaging style of presentation whether during a conference keynote, a multi-day education institute, or on-site school workshop always providing theoretical frameworks with practical applications. A former teacher, Cathryn is the author of The Complete Guide to Service Learning available in English and Chinese, two books with environmental advocate Philippe Cousteau, and numerous articles and book chapters. While her home is in Los Angeles California, Cathryn considers being a global citizen a critical concept to pass on to youth, so we protect our planet and take everyday actions to benefit others. Cathryn’s bring lengthy experience consulting with the IBO as a lead co-author of the CAS Guide for the Diploma Programme and significant elements of the Career-Related Programme.

CBK Associates consultants, located around the globe, bring expertise on all the topics mentioned above plus youth leadership and JEDI-justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. CBK Associates consultations, whether virtual or in person, are known for being custom-designed for a genuine response to school and organization priorities and to bring joy to every learning opportunity. Learn more at
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