This Habits Personalized series is the next step in helping you transform your classroom and school culture. The goals of this program are to personalize learning through habits of mind, provide tools to create a psychologically safe environment and offer thought-provoking practices that challenge one’s assumptions. Join us for any one or the entire seven part series as we walk you through how to use these tools in your current practice.

Our toolkits as handouts: Each workshop includes a featured toolkit of a curated set of practices and processes (P&P) based on current research and practice in the field. Each P&P serves as a plan for cultivating your classroom culture by personalizing learning with Habits of Mind.
2nd February 2023:
Learning to Let Go:Developing the Skills of Self-Direction in our Learners
Given the complexity of the world-- too much information,too many projects, and too many demands on our time and resources. We need to devote instructional time building our students' capacities to become more self-navigating. In this session, we will provide a management framework that includes three key areas: self-managing, self-monitoring, and self-modifying. We will provide many rich and practical examples of strategies that move students toward taking more responsibility and independence in their learning.

Coaching for self-directed learning as handout
9th February 2023:
Habits of Mind:Humanizing and Empowering Learning
How do we give students a sense of well being and academic mindsets that empower learning? Students need to meet curricular challenges that require developing Habits of Mind such as thinking interdependently, questioning and posing problems, and thinking flexibly. Participants will explore artifacts, practices, and processes tools to develop dispositions for thoughtful work.

Academic Teams as a handout
16th February 2023:
The Meta Habit of Them All:Metacognition
What do you do when you don’t know what to do? When faced with complex, ambiguous and fascinating problems we may struggle to find a foothold to get started. This session focuses on how to develop our students to become more actively aware of and in control of their thinking. We will explore strategies students can use to help them plan for and process their learning.

Growing metacognition in learners as handout
23rd February 2023:
Making Research Come Alive:Growing Curiosity through Investigation and Action
Ever wondered whether curiosity can really be strengthened and developed? While some people may naturally be more curious than others, everyone can learn how to cultivate and sustain a deep curiosity in the world around them. This session focuses on inquiry as a path for deep learning, rather than just another way to get the right answer. We will guide you through a process that invites students to anchor in a question that resonates with them, curate resources to explore the questions further, and then consider possible products or performances for demonstrating their learning.

Growing learners as researchers as handout
2nd March 2023:
Opening Up Fresh Thinking in Debates, Discourse, and Discussions
How do we engage student thinking as we challenge them to consider thorny problems or issues? In this session we will distinguish discourse into three design possibilities:debate, dialogue, and discussion. We’ll delve into the complexities of each design and how they can be used as a scaffold for student thinking, so they are weighing evidence, collecting data and analyzing information, instead of how to just argue.

Cultivating Learner Discourse as handout
9th March 2023:
Giving a seat to students at the evaluation table to promote ownership of the quality of their work
What makes a rubric a powerful guide for self-assessment? This session focuses on how to partner with students to better understand the meaning of evaluative criteria and related descriptions to promote growth; examine quality work to articulate key criteria with students, and grow the capacity of students to use a rubric to initiate, receive, and make good use of feedback to improve their work.

Using Rubrics to Guide Self-Assessment as handout
16th March 2023:
The Story So Far:How Habits of Mind Can Engage Generation Alpha and Z as Storytellers of their Own Learning
How do we leverage this generation of students to thrive in their academic learning? This session connects their digital learning strengths to the skills and dispositions to help them become disciplined thinkers. We will explore the connection between 3 critical dispositions that invite students to become creators of their own learning stories.

Designing Portfolios to Capture Learning as a handout
Bena Kallick & Allison Gwyn Zmuda
Bena and Allison joined forces in 2014 when Allison saw how Habits of Mind grows a learning culture that values the humanizing aspect of personalized learning and Bena noticed how a focus on personalized learning generates more urgency for self-directed learning. They are dedicated to growing healthy, collaborative education communities around the world. They co-authored Students at the Center:Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind as well as many articles and blogs. Their most recent publications are instructional toolkits that provide practices and processes that personalize learning with Habits of Mind.

Their mission is to use what they are learning to help educators navigate the often messy, challenging, and — at times — discouraging transition from an outdated learning process to one that’s vibrant, dynamic, and inspires learning with teachers and students.
2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd February, 2nd, 9th, 16th March 2023

Each Session is for 2 hours

2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd February, 2nd, 9th March 2023
New York 7:00 am | London 12:00 pm | Zurich 1:00 pm | Dubai 4:00 pm | India 5:30 pm | Hong Kong 8:00 pm

16th March 2023
New York 7:00 am | London 11:00 pm | Zurich 12:00 pm | Dubai 3:00 pm | India 4:30 pm | Hong Kong 7:00 pm

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USD 200 Per Session

If you register for all the sessions you get a discounted rate of USD 1050 per participant.
If you register for 4 you get a discounted rate of 700 per participant.
You could choose the session you would like to attend.

You will be receiving the Habits Personalized toolkit. These will be given to you according to the session you have registered for.
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