Transforming Schools: Leading and Learning
through Complex Systems
By Dr. Fran Prolman
25th - 28th April 2019, Seoul

  As schools grow, evolve and transform, ensuring that all school stakeholders grow as well is essential.

This institute identifies the structures necessary for challenging the isolating silos that exist in schools, departments and offices as they inhibit adult growth. Strong collaboration structures and skills become the process necessary for organizations, teams and meetings to be high functioning ones. The institute also uncovers the components of organizational complexity, and the skillset to live in ambiguity. You will identify and practice skills to understand your colleagues' perspectives while withholding judgment, and embrace a process of group development on a continuum which constantly evolves and transforms.

The foundation of this work, our mutual respect and support is built on a foundation of conscious trust. How we build and support trust will be explored here. In addition, as colleagues explore their beliefs, diverse perspectives and cultures, skillful facilitating among adults is necessary to expand your own capacity and the capacity of those around yourself. As a result, this institute will also be highlighting facilitative skills. Given all of the moving parts in any human system, conflict is an expected part of the process of learning and growing. Naming and practicing skills for reframing conflict into positive energy, and honoring diversity of thought and perspectives becomes an opportunity to ensure growth and collaboration in your school. Those strategies will be addressed as well.
The outcomes of this institute experience are to:
  Participants will:
  • Develop strategies to foster strong relationships, psychological safety, trust and inclusive school cultures.
  • Build collaborative structures to support adult interactions and student learning.
  • Reframe conflict as opportunity for cognitive debate, enhanced innovation and expanded perspectives.
  • Design meetings which are worth your time.
  • Analyze the interrelated system of your school as you strategically expand the skills of its stakeholders.
  • Expand your capacity to influence and inspire current decisions and colleagues to build a transformative school.
Potential Audience:
  This training is created specifically for a range of Senior and Intermediate Level Leaders within international schools. It is also very effective as a Leadership Team Training for a group looking to lead sustainable transformation and change collaboratively within their unique school community.

This may include:
  • Heads of School & Directors.
  • Principals & Assistant Principals.
  • Curriculum/ Learning/ Technology/ Athletics Directors & Leads.
  • Department Chairs, Grade Level Leads.
  • Business/ Admissions/ Advancement/ Marketing Directors & Leads and more.
All leaders or educators interested in developing the mindset, understanding and skills to lead in the transformation of their school are welcome!
  The founder, president and senior consultant of The Learning Collaborative, Fran Prolman is an internationally recognized teacher, administrator, author, consultant and keynote speaker. She is known for her depth of knowledge, dynamism, energy, practical application and proven track record of results.

Fran earned her Doctorate in Teacher Training, International Education and Organizational Development from George Washington University and a Master's degree in Educational Administration and Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Pennsylvania. She has been a two-time Fulbright Scholar in both India and Israel, and has presented numerous papers, workshops and keynote speeches nationally and internationally.

Fran brings 30 years of experience providing multifaceted work with organizations and school systems throughout the United States and the world. She was a member of the first Understanding by Design trainer cadre for ASCD designing curriculum training throughout the United States, a faculty member for ASCD and a senior consultant at Research for Better Teaching training trainers and educating thousands of administrators and teachers in effective learning practice. Fran focuses on building human capacity through a variety of avenues. She facilitates leadership retreats for teachers, administrators, school boards and executives; delivers organization-wide keynote speeches and workshops, coaches to build highly functional teams; assists organizations and teams in the appropriate use of data, designs professional growth and evaluation systems and brings insight to the change process.

Fran is the author of the best-selling book, Building Your Instructional Leadership. Learn more on her website,
  Investment includes book Transforming Schools: Leading and Learning in Complex Systems.
  USD 1100/- Early Bird Offer till 1st October, 2018
(If you register for a group of 5, you will be given a discount at the rate of USD: 1000/- each)
  USD 1300/- Closing Date 1st March, 2019.
(If you register for a group of 5, you will be given a discount at the rate of USD: 1150/- each)
  Seoul Foreign School
39 Yeonhui Ro, 22 gil,
Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03723
  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Registration at 8.30 am on the 25th April 2019.
  Shonal Agarwal

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