Middle Level Education -
“Middle Level, Living it, Loving it and Laughing About it.”
By Jack Berckemeyer

10th – 11th November 2018, Seoul
  1. Help increase knowledge of the middle level concept
  2. Provide information on young adolescent development
  3. Explore great teaching strategies that motivate young adolescents
  4. Discover the importance of curriculum connections
  5. Learn how to implement the middle level concept within your classroom or school
  6. Find effective ways for teachers to work together within the building and on a team
  7. Working with parents and helping them understanding raising a young adolescent
  8. Classroom management structures that focus on the adolescent learner
  9. How to enjoy the realities and humor of middle school
  Day 1 of 2
  Keynote: Middle Level Education - “Middle Level, Living it, Loving it and Laughing About it.”

Breakout Sessions:
  • Understanding Adolescents
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • How Teachers and Teams Work Together
  Day 2 of 2
  Keynote: Effective and Motivating Teaching Strategies

Breakout Sessions:
  • Middle Level Characteristics
  • What Motivates Middle Level Students
  • How We Can Implement the Ideas in Our Classroom or School
Potential Audience:
Leaders and Teachers for Middle Years Education
Trainer’s Profile:
A nationally-recognized presenter, author, and humorist, Jack Berckemeyer, began his career as amiddle school teacher in Denver, Colorado. After two years of teaching he was named as an outstanding educator at his school, and shortly thereafter he was identified as one of the outstanding educators in the district. In 2003, he received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the Falcon SchoolDistrict. Jack brings his energy, humor, and expertise to all staff development as he helps teachers and administrators remember why this job makes a difference. Jack has presented in conference and school district settings both nationally and internationally. Jack served as a judge for the Disney American Teacher Awards and the selection committee for the USA TODAY All-Teacher Team.

Jack Berckemeyer is known for his motivating, practical ideas communicating a message of hope,laughter, and insight into education.

Jack was also the Assistant Executive Director for the National Middle School Association for 13years and is the author of Managing the Madness - A Practical Guide to Middle Grades Classrooms. He is also the co-author of H.E.L.P. for Teachers. His most recent publications are Taming of the Team - How Great Teams Work Together and Deliberate Optimism - Reclaiming the Joy in Education, co-authored with Dr. Debbie Silver and Judith Baenen.
  USD 790 Closing Date 1st October, 2018
(If you register for a group of 5, you will be given a discount at the rate of USD 700 each)
  Seoul Foreign School
39 Yeonhui Ro, 22 gil,
Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea 03723
  Timings 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Registration at 8.00 am on the 10th November, 2018
  Shonal Agarwal

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