Join us for a conversation about two powerful new books all teachers of young children will want to have on their bookshelves: Story Workshop: New Possibilities for Young Writers and Pursuing Bad Guys: Joining Children’s Quest for Clarity, Courage and Community.
About Story Workshop: New Possibilities for Young Writers
About Pursuing Bad Guys: Joining Children’s Quest for Clarity, Courage and Community
This free conversation will be held between authors Susan Harris MacKay and Donna King, thoughtful reader Ann Pelo, and you.

Susan Harris MacKay began developing the story workshop approach as a classroom teacher exploring the question, What is the relationship between literacy and the arts? Her work as a teacher, author, and professional development leader has focused on strengthening relationships between play, beauty, and justice. Having formerly anchored work at Portland Children’s Museum and Opal School, she now leads Center for Playful Inquiry and Story Workshop Studio.

In 1990, Donna King partnered with a group of teachers and parents to launch a small, non-profit early education program in Durham, North Carolina. Since then, “Children First” has been a close-knit, lively community where children are seen and celebrated as unique individuals, spend lots of time outdoors developing a deep connection with nature, communicate their feelings and thoughts through many expressive languages, and where their development as creators, thinkers, citizens, and friends is documented.

Ann Pelo is a pedagogical guide and author whose primary work focuses on reflective practice, social justice and ecological teaching and learning, and the art of mentoring. Her books include From Teaching to Thinking: A Pedagogy for Reimagining Our Work and The Goodness of Rain: Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children. She is a Convening Member of the Reimagining Our Work Initiative.

Whether you’ve already devoured these books, just begun to leaf through their photo-rich pages, or only just started by reading the previews on the publishers’ websites, we hope you’ll join us for a rich (free!) conversation about these important new titles.
12th of November 2021

Dubai 6:00 am | India 7:30 am | Beijing 10:00 am | Sydney 1:00 pm

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San Francisco 6:00 pm | New York 9:00 pm on the 11th of November 2021.

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