Join us in this meaningful webinar to explore the power of Education for Holistic Global Citizenship while unpacking our forthcoming 2022-23 Inspire Citizens' learning experiences and events.
  • Engaged Student Changemakers: Sharing ways to level-up compassionate student leadership and foster holistic global citizenship.
  • Co-Create Empathy to Impact: Learn to co-create transformative, interdisciplinary learning experiences through hands-on work with the Empathy to Impact framework and toolkit.
  • Connect Eco-Media: Learn how Eco-Media programs that open learners to use media, technology and civics to reflect, understand and act upon the world in order to transform it.
Following 15 years teaching elementary and middle school in the US, Peru, Malaysia, and China, Steve now specializes in embedding empathy, sustainable development, civic literacies, media, and engaged global citizenship into whole schools, libraries, classrooms, and student-centered learning experiences.

As director of Inspire Citizens, he has years of international experience with diverse communities, environments, and curricula where he co-creates strategic initiatives, projects, and learning design. All of Steve's work challenges his learning cohorts to explore and integrate compassion, future trends, wellbeing, civics, and interdisciplinary skills for shaping a better education system and world.
Ivy is a sought-after educational designer and facilitator based in Shanghai and Beijing. Advocating for happiness and wellbeing of human and nature as a whole, she works with schools and businesses on strategic consulting, leadership retreats, competency building, student-facing experiential programs and educator coaching.

She believes in holistic and progressive education through the heart, hands and head that is rooted in self-care, care for others and care for nature. A natural cross-pollinator who draws inspirations from her diverse trainings and experiences, she integrates deep ecology, traditional wisdom with design and innovation, futures thinking, and media studies in her work.
10th September 2022

This session is for 1 hour

Paris 8:00 am | India 11:30 am | Hong Kong 2:00 pm
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