Inspire Citizens’ Global Youth Media exists to teach and empower all ages of students and learner communities through the responsible consumption and production of media, as well as practices of investigative journalism and ethical storytelling as essential elements of applied learning in a complex world. Students grow in perspective taking, building compassionate empathy, and discerning and producing credible information through critical media literacy, investigative journalism and ethical reporting, while connecting to essential language and learning objectives.

In this free webinar, participants will explore critical media literacy concepts, implement technology tools, engage in processes for investigative journalism, and practice approaches for more compassionate storytelling. Built into this interactive experience will also be the collaborative facilitation of an educator, Grade 9 student journalist, and acclaimed podcasters and artists partnering to actively help educators see the relevant connections to curriculum where teachers can design meaningful multimedia learning experiences, and students can produce informed publications and creative exhibitions for a more sustainable planet and just society.
Steve is the co-founder and director of the influential education group, Inspire Citizens. As lead author of the Global Impact School Self-Study, Steve facilitates a wide-range of professional learning with Inspire Citizens’ partner schools, working towards empowering students, teachers and whole-school communities to impact change for sustainable development, social justice, collective well-being and social-emotional-ethical learning. One of the learning experiences embedded into Steve’s work with schools is Global Youth Media, an approach to media literacy that engages learners with ethical journalism, compassionate storytelling and the power to discern and produce credible information in a challenging and complex media and technological landscape.

In 2017, Steve was awarded an innovation grant while teaching at the International School of Beijing to launch Futures Public Radio, his first iteration of student media built around core values and relevant storytelling found in acclaimed international podcasts, as well as National Public Radio in the United States. Now, Global Youth Media (GYM) embeds these mentor media models into professional development and authentic classroom learning with educators, students and schools on five continents. Using 17 different podcasts that challenge students to work together towards building a positive and influential international global media network, GYM publishes student pieces that focus on critical thinking, empathetic relationships, truth seeking, the art of the interview, and the power of storytelling to advocate for a healthier planet and just society.
As student director of Inspire Citizens’ Global Youth Media (GYM) and grade 9 student in Beijing, Christina leads the foundational work that ensures student voice is at the forefront of the GYM mission and vision. Following three years of working as an Inspire Citizens’ intern and facilitating relevant learning for both teachers and students to take informed action for sustainable development, social justice and collective well-being, she now hosts and curates the GYM podcast Photo! Bomb, illuminating the power of photography as a storytelling medium for environmental and social justice.

In 2018, Christina led the inaugural GYM conference in Beijing through a collaboration with the acclaimed Out of the Blocks podcast from Baltimore, USA. She has led event planning, photography and podcasting workshops at the recent Shenzhen SDG Educator Summit and at the 2019 GYM conference in Seoul, South Korea. While her interests lie in helping make the world more sustainable through media, she is also an actress, singer, and equestrian working with horses as therapy animals.
Register in advance for this meeting:
21st November 2020

The webinar is for one hour.
London 7:00 am | Zurich 8:00 am | Dubai 11:00 am | India 12:30 pm | Hong Kong 3:00 pm | Melbourne 6:00 pm